1 Injured and 2 Horses Dead in Santa Clarita Valley Crash

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SANTA CLARITA, Calif – According to KTLA5, one woman suffered a gruesome injury and two horses were killed after being hit by a Santa Clarita Valley driver. Accidents like these can lead to complex legal situations where the expertise of a seasoned personal injury lawyer becomes crucial.


Around the intersection of Sand Canyon and Iron Canyon, shortly after 8:30 PM, a mother led a group of young girls onto Iron Canyon Road as a Nissan sedan approached them quickly. 


Reacting quickly, the mother brought her horse to the head of the group. The Nissan hit her as well as her daughter. Both were sent off of their horses in the collision. 


The mother’s knee was broken, exposing her bone. She has already had one surgery and more are scheduled. The daughter suffered minor injuries. 


The mother’s horse died on impact. The legs of her daughter’s horse were broken and that horse was later put down. 


Drugs and alcohol are not believed to be involved in the accident, according to the LAPD. 

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