3-Car Accident Caused by Teen Girls in Stolen Vehicle

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SOUTH LOS ANGELES, Calif. According to KTLA5, two were hospitalized following a three-vehicle crash caused by two juvenile females in a stolen vehicle. Incidents like these can lead to complex legal situations, where individuals may require assistance from a personal injury lawyer to navigate through the legal process and seek rightful compensation for damages incurred. 


At approximately 6:15 Pm, LAPD officers saw a stolen white Kia on Obama Boulevard. Police attempted an enforcement stop, yet the suspect driver did not yield. Officers pursued. 


The adolescent driver hit two vehicles at the intersection of Obama and La Brea Avenue, striking a BMW and a Chevrolet U-Haul. 


Airbags deployed on impact in all the vehicles. Front end damage was seen on the Kia and the pickup. Both windows on the driver’s side of the BMW were blown out and that entire side of the vehicle was pushed inward. 


The BMW and pickup driver suffered minor injuries and were taken to the hospital. The teen girls were taken into custody. 

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