Lyft and UBER Accident Lawyers: What to Know for the Holidays

UBER Accident Lawyers

Have you been in an accident involving Lyft, UBER, or another rideshare? 

Whether you were the passenger, the driver, or just an innocent bystander minding your own business, you may be eligible for compensation. Belal Hamideh and the team here stand out among other Lyft and UBER accident lawyers for many reasons, not the least of which is a 99% win rate. 

During the holidays, rideshares can be more prevalent. As people travel, they may be more likely to take Lyft and UBER, which leads to more vehicles on the road. If you’re in an accident, it’s worth it to reach out to an attorney. 

What to Do After a Rideshare Accident 

First things first, get yourself to safety. Your driver ideally should navigate the vehicle out of harm’s way, but remind them if they miss the memo. 

Check yourself for injuries, and if you can do it safely, check others too. Dial 911. Even if you don’t spot visible injuries, shock can be sneaky, so seek medical attention. When the police show up, make sure to file a report; it’s important to build a solid case.

If you can, document the evidence. Note down the Uber driver’s name, license, and insurance details. Grab information from others involved, including witnesses. Snap some pics of the vehicle damage, the surroundings, and any injuries you or others sustained. It’s like creating a visual narrative of the accident. Then, once you’ve done all of the above, reach out to an attorney.

If you were struck by a rideshare vehicle, follow the same drill – prioritize safety, call 911 if needed, gather information, and document everything. Remember, injuries might not make their presence known immediately, so seek professional medical attention. 

Understanding the Rideshare Insurance Puzzle 

Understanding Lyft and UBER’s insurance policy is not unlike deciphering a secret code. It hinges on whether the driver is “offline” or in Periods 1, 2, or 3. Offline? Personal auto insurance is in the driver’s corner. Period 1? Limited coverage. Periods 2 and 3? Lyft and UBER do provide coverage but it is limited. Just remember, Uber tends to go about shortchanging accident victims, so having an attorney as your shield is crucial.

What Can a Rideshare Case Be Worth? 

Your compensation hinges on factors like the severity of your injuries, the impact on your earning capacity, pain and suffering, recovery time, and future medical needs. Economic damages cover tangible costs, from immediate medical care to lost earnings and reduced earning capacity. 

Non-economic damages encompass intangibles – pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and changes in your quality of life. An experienced attorney can ensure you get the maximum compensation for all you’ve endured.

UBER Accident Lawyers
Experienced Lyft and UBER Accident Lawyers 

At Belal Hamideh Law, we’ve assisted countless individuals who just wanted to go from one place to another but found themselves amid chaos. Remember, you only pay if we win. You may very well deserve compensation for your ordeal. A personal injury can be turned into a victory. Schedule a free case evaluation today. Hablamos español.