California Workers Compensation Lawyer

California Workers Compensation Lawyer

Our California Workers Compensation Lawyer will not charge you a dime unless he wins your case.  You do not even have to pay out of your own pocket. The attorney fee comes out of your settlement.  You need a workers comp lawyer in order to maximize the money and medical treatment you receive from your workers compensation accident.

Our California Workers Compensation Lawyer is Aggressive

Our California Workers Compensation Lawyer will fight for every benefit you are entitled you as a result of your work accident.  You are entitled to many workers compensation benefits including free medical treatment, temporary disability, future medical care, a rehabilitation voucher, reimbursement for mileage expenses and compensation for any permanent disability you have sustained.

Our California Workers Comp Lawyer provides great customer service

Our office will keep you updated throughout your entire case.  Our office is very responsive to clients. We understand that you want to be informed throughout your case because it can severely impact your life.  Our staff is helpful and very attentive to our clients.

You are protected under the Labor Code

Many people do not want to report a work accident because they feel as if it will put their job in danger.  Under the Labor Code, an employer can not terminate an employee because of an injury.  Our California Workers Compensation Lawyer will file a 132A petition for penalties if your employer terminates you after you report your work injury.  It is not in your employer’s best interest to terminate you after you report a work accident.

Why hire our California Workers Compensation Lawyer

  • Our workers comp lawyer will ensure that you receive justice.
  • Our office works hard to get maximum compensation for your workers compensation case.
  • Our workers compensation attorney is experienced in all types of workers comp cases.

Call our lawyer for a free consultation

You must file your workers compensation case within one year of sustaining a work accident.  Call our workers compensation lawyer today for a free consultation.

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