California Car Injury Lawyer on How to Apporach if a Bus or Truck Injures You While Driving 

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It is driver behavior that is the important thing about a bus and truck traveling the many roads of America. Many of them don’t realize that violations are serious and can actually threaten their livelihood. Just like any other driver on the road, they’re supposed to keep their distance, buckle up, maintain a safe speed and adhere to traffic rules.  There are different damages you can collect in a bus- or truck accident lawsuit – monetary or economic damages and non-economic damages. The damages you can collect will vary, based on the nature of your case. Always deal with a reputable, experienced car accident attorney in California who has extensive experience with dealing with truck and bus accidents. The law firm, Belal Hamideh Law is your best bet for dealing with accidents of this nature. 

experienced car accident attorney in California

Human Error the Biggest Contributing Factor

 Commercial trucks and buses have major economic importance and yet these large trucks are connected with a significant portion of U.S. traffic accidents. Most fatalities associated with large truck accidents occur to people not in the truck. They are mostly occupants of the other vehicle involved such as cars and vans as well as pedestrians and cyclists. Human error is usually the cause of these bus and truck accidents and the most common errors made by drivers are a failure to see the other vehicle in time, distractions, speed, and alcohol abuse. 

Trucks and Buses Represented by Huge Insurance Companies 

 There are so many examples of accidents that involve buses, trucks, and cars. A truck careers out of control on the highway, striking several cars and killing several people. Bus and truck accidents are going to require an experienced bus and truck accident lawyer who knows all the ins and outs of these kinds of accidents. They deal with all matters relating to insurance claims and lawsuits, knowing full well that truck and bus accident victims need to get full compensation for their injuries. The bus and truck industries are enormous and they are represented by large insurance companies, of which you don’t stand a chance if you have to come up against them on your own. You will need legal qualified representation. 

Unexpected Accident Calamities Embraced by the Right Lawyers

 There are many buses on American roads, all carrying large groups of people. Bus accidents aren’t as common as truck accidents, and in fact, most times, passengers are delivered to their destinations safely. They do have some risks, though, and one of these is having longer starting and stopping distances, and this increases the risk for collisions. They’re also more likely to roll over in an accident. These bus accidents can be complex and fault when you’re in a car can be difficult to determine. Lawsuits can be conducted differently, depending on who was responsible for the accident and it is only an experienced accident lawyer California that can help you make sense of these involved accident cases.