California Car Injury Lawyer on How a Car Accident Can Throw Your Life Out of Order

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An experienced driver may find it impossible to escape road accidents, but we could get a negative turnaround for our remaining time of life once it occurs. If you happen to get an accident, follow the right reporting procedures laid down by insurance providers, which allow a maximum of 48 hours unless under special circumstances. An accident attorney in California can offer advice on how to claim.

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How car accidents could alter your life?

Several things could happen during road accidents, including total damage to your car, body injury that could cause lasting disability, hospitalization, or in the worst case, death. Below are four points on how a car accident could change your life. 

Permanent physical injuries

The impact during a car accident could cause major injuries to your spine, skull, or limbs. Some of your body parts could be removed to save you, or you could be deformed in one way or the other affecting you permanently. After hospitalization, inform your insurance provider so that they begin investigations into the accident. Also, seek help for legal processes from an accident lawyer in California.


Your current monthly salary could be four figures, but that can change if you get involved in a road accident, and you find yourself depending on others for survival. Such a turnaround could impact your psychological health, and you could develop depression or live under stress while you seek answers. It is possible to live an independent life after an accident if you understand how to claim payment. You could also get help from a car accident attorney in California.

Costly repairs

Loopholes under the law could cause you to lose compensation from insurance, leaving you with the responsibility of repairing it using your money. It may also be impossible to get another car from your insurance cover, which could make you take an expensive repairing step depending on how much the car had been damaged. The best way to overcome this is by getting an accident attorney in California.

Time-consuming protocols and processes

There will be a need to visit your physician and follow strict schedules for revisits, checkups, therapeutic sessions, surgeries, among others. The local corps or area Sherriff may require you to record statements with them, and the court may require you to attend sessions. You can ease off the burden from your shoulders by contacting a California accident lawyer so that you concentrate on your healing. 


Although road accidents could permanently alter your life, hiring a lawyer could drastically change this because the accident attorney could help you with claims and avert any excesses imposed on you. A professional team of lawyers at Belal Hamideh Law shall deal with the procedures to ensure your victory. For more information, feel free to contact at (562) 526-1224