California Attorney FAQ on Slip and Fall Injuries

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Everyone is rushing around doing their business. Millions of these people trip, fall, slip, and slide on slippery floors and pathways, suffering moderate to severe injuries and even death as a result. Accidents can happen anywhere and if you’ve had a slip and fall incident where there is an injury, an accident attorney in California should be your first port of call. We look at some important FAQ on the matter.

milan de clercq pcswtwb ee unsplash xHow does one choose the best California Accident Lawyer?

  1. You want lawyers who you know will fight for you to receive justice for your slip and fall injuries. The best lawyers in California will also make sure that you receive maximum compensation for your case. 

If you’ve been injured and wondering how your life will ever get back to normal again, call trusted, reliable California Personal Injury Lawyers for a free consultation. 

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How can dim lighting cause one to fall?

  1. You may be in a California Hotel as an example and the lighting on a stairway, for instance, can render the stairway dangerous. Dim or inadequate light can cause guests who are unfamiliar with the surroundings to trip or fall. 

The dim lighting conceals the danger – a lumpy carpet or failing to see a step. Inadequate lighting can be particularly dangerous as it can conceal the presence of hazardous defects that exist.

How does one determine liability for a slip and fall?

  1. The owner of the property caused the condition because of a worn carpet possibly and will be liable for your injuries. The owner knew about the carpeting on the stairway but did nothing to fix it and also didn’t put up any warning signs. 

There is the perception that if you fall and injure yourself on someone else’s property, you can sue, but it doesn’t automatically work that way. Proving liability is never straightforward and there are different factors that must be taken into account.

What must a person do after a slip and fall accident?

  1. If you’re able to get up, you must immediately report your slip and fall accident to your employer, the store manager, the hotel manager, or the property owner. 

This person will write a report on the incident and give you a copy. They should, by rights, have taken you to a hospital or doctor. Knowing what to do after a slip and fall accident is of vital importance to developing your case.

How much will you recover?

All slip and fall accident victims want to know the answer to this, but of course, only your personal injury attorney California will have a slight idea as there is so much information and details to work out. 

The truth is, your case’s value will constantly be changing, too, as your lawyer probes and works on your case. Some injuries are more severe and will require long-term medical procedures and rehabilitation after the accident.