Let the Right Attorney Guide Guide You Through a Longshore Accident in California

longshore accident

Any kind of workplace accident represents a betrayal of your trust for, in a way, you are being hurt in a place where you are supposed to feel safe to practice your profession. However, we all know that accidents happen and, when they do, they can be quite harmful for the employees in question. This is why there are legal mechanisms in place to protect those workers who find themselves in accidents such as these. There are even some laws that are specific for workers in certain fields and trades. A longshore accident, for example, has certain legal protections in place in California Law.

A Longshore Accident Works Differently

All workplace accidents are going to be different from each other, but almost all of them will be covered by the same relevant laws and regulations that dictate most workers’ compensation cases. This process is fairly similar from workplace to workplace, for it is based on the general protections in place for workers in California. However, a longshore accident will have specific regulations to them that will need to be taken into account at the time of seeking the due compensation after an accident. These specific regulations are part of California law and exist to protect longshore workers in their line of work given how prone for danger it can be. Let’s talk about the specific laws in place to protect longshore workers and how they can help you.

Laws Specific to Longshoreman Accidents

There are laws that are specifically intended to protect longshoremen following accidents and injuries. The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act is there to help harbor and maritime workers of many different kinds who have been injured while repairing, unloading, and loading vessels. In such cases, we can also help longshoremen get compensation if they are injured because of a third party’s recklessness, malice, or negligence. Through the LHWCA, you can’t exactly sue an employer, but you can sue third parties for damages. Additionally, this law can also be implemented to protect you when you are infected or catch a disease while at work. A longshore accident attorney in California can be there to help you navigate these different avenues for your case.

longshore accident

Contact a Longshoreman Accident Attorney

Given the environment, the equipment, and the labor involved in working as a longshoreman, accidents in these situations, although rare, can be quite harmful to the workers involved. This is why there are specific aids in place to help workers get through this and gain the compensation that they need. However, in order to properly navigate a process such as this one, it will be very important for a worker to have the right guide. And here, at Belal Hamideh, we want to make sure that you end up receiving the compensation that you ultimately deserve. Our longshore accident lawyer is ready to take a look at your case and determine how he can help you. Just give him a call at (562) 526-1224 or reach out through the contact form on our website and you’ll be able to schedule a free consultation.