Let Our Passenger Accident Lawyer Guide You Through Different Cases

passenger accident lawyer

Traffic accidents are never a pleasant experience. Even if damages are minimal and no one is hurt, you will have to deal with applications, insurance claims, and similar issues. This in and of itself is annoying, so it’s going to be all the more complicated in cases of more consequential accidents. Our passenger accident lawyer will be the best person to guide you through accident cases that don’t involve you as a driver but rather as a passenger.



passenger accident lawyer

Types of Passenger Accidents

When you think about getting into an accident, you probably picture yourself as the driver, but it might as well happen with you as a passenger. This can happen in a variety of different contexts, so it’s always good to understand these and know how to operate in these situations. 

Bus Passenger Accidents

It’s possible that the first example of passenger accidents that will come to mind is a bus accident. After all, these are the contexts in which you more often than not are a passenger to a party you are not associated with. When you’re on a bus, you expect your trip to be a safe one. You trust the driver and the vehicle to safely deliver you to your destination with no inconvenience bigger than maybe a short delay. Of course, accidents can happen. These will not always be the bus driver’s fault. After all, they are doing their jobs, consistently trying to be good at it. Maybe another vehicle crashed into the bus or there was a technical issue with the vehicle itself. Regardless of the specifics, if you are a passenger in a bus accident you deserve to be compensated for the inconveniences it may cause you. 

Passengers in Rideshare Vehicles

When you make use of a rideshare apps services, you are trusting them with your safety while on the road. An accident may not be the driver’s fault, really, but it is still a transgression of your trust on their services. These apps will have insurance policies and mechanisms to compensate those who are injured as passengers in an accident, but they are fairly complicated to navigate and often not entirely fair to the passenger. This is why it’s always a good idea to contact a passenger accident lawyer who can guide you through this process and actively work towards getting you the compensation that you deserve following the accident. Don’t settle for the minimum settlement they offer you when you can get every cent you need. 

Contact a Passenger Accident Lawyer

Passenger accidents can quickly get complicated, which is why an accident attorney will be able to better help you get a hold of your case, setting up realistic expectations for its results and guiding you through the details of the process. Belal Hamideh Law will be the best law firm for this situation. With their experience in accident cases, he will be the ideal passenger accident attorney for your own situation. For more information about how this case can help you, give us a call at (562) 526-1224. Good legal advice is well within your reach.