Lesser-Known Ways an Experienced 18-Wheeler Accident Attorney Can Help

18-Wheeler Accident Attorney

Were you injured in an accident involving a truck? Has someone you love been hurt after a truck crash? These are some of the worst accidents in many ways. Belal Hamideh has a proven track record of being able to help victims and their families through this challenging time. You may already be aware of many of the benefits of hiring an experienced 18-wheeler accident attorney. 

These are some of the other benefits that, while they may be less well-known, are no less crucial and supportive. 

Experience With Many Different Kinds of Truck Accidents 

Truck accidents can occur in many different ways. Belal and the team here will conduct a thorough investigation to determine exactly what happened in your accident. That way, you can recover the compensation that you deserve. 

Truck accident cases Belal handles include but are in no way limited to those involving a rear-end collision, an underride or rollover accident, jackknife crashes, wide-turn ones, and many others. 

Other cases Belal has experience with include brake failure or other forms of negligent maintenance and repairs. 

Experience With Crafting a Truck Accident Case. 

Crafting compelling statements during legal proceedings is one of the most important tasks for a truck accident attorney. 

For example, in our investigation, we’ll collect 

pertinent evidence such as eyewitness statements, police reports, and multimedia content. Additionally, we meticulously gather the evidence that matters. This can include the truck driver’s entire employment history (including not just their qualifications, but any drug/alcohol testing, too). 

This will also include any inspection documents related to the truck, the trucking company’s insurance information, and, perhaps most importantly, the truck’s “black box.” This will show definitively what happened and when. 

Armed with this, we’ll be able to put together the best, most compelling case on your behalf. 

Supporting You Through Even the Toughest Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can be so much worse than other kinds of accidents. 

An 18-wheeler truck weighs approximately 20 times more than a car, significantly elevating the risk of serious injuries in accidents involving the two. 

Pursuing legal action against the trucking company employing the driver responsible requires knowledgeable representation. While these companies possess the financial capacity to compensate for injuries, they equally allocate significant budgets for legal defense. Without an experienced truck accident lawyer, you may find yourself as a steep underdog in the case. 

The Lesser-Known Advantage

One often overlooked benefit of having an experienced 18-wheeler accident attorney by your side is the alleviation of concerns regarding communication with insurance companies. After an accident, insurance adjusters may bombard you with calls, seeking additional details. 

This can be an anxiety-inducing experience, (to say the least), as the fear of saying something that might be misconstrued can hurt your case. 

Skilled adjusters might intentionally lead you to say something detrimental to your case. Juggling this stress alongside severe injuries and financial losses exacerbates the situation.

By choosing an experienced truck accident lawyer, you can redirect these inquiries to your legal representation, sparing yourself from potential pitfalls. 

18-Wheeler Accident Attorney

Belal Hamideh: 18-wheeler Accident Attorney With Experience 

Belal not only provides legal support but also offers peace of mind, allowing you to focus on recovery while entrusting the complexities of your case to capable hands. In essence, your problems become our problems, and the burden of navigating the legal intricacies is lifted from your shoulders.

To turn your personal injury into a personal victory, schedule a free case evaluation through our site or give us a call.