LB Employment Lawyer Advice: What to Do If you are Rejected in an Interview Because of Race or Religion

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During a job interview, the hiring manager tests if you are the most qualified candidate to fill the vacant position. The hiring manager might check your experience, education, or your personality. After the interview, the manager might break the bad news that you didn’t qualify or promise to communicate later. Sometimes the case is you were discriminated against and should hire a workplace discrimination lawyer.

Sometimes the manager may have reservations against your race or religion and manage to hide the prejudice. In some cases, the manager can let his prejudices stand out and you notice you missed the job because of your race or religion.

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Be keen and observe details

You might have no problem noting the name of the company, but you need to remember the faces and names of people present during the interview. In most cases, the interviewing panel introduces themselves by their names before the start of the interview. Try to remember as many names of those present as possible and note their faces plus the dressing code.

Note the words the discriminator used and if possible write down the words or phrases that you felt were offensive. Your employment lawyer California might ask you to narrate the phrases, expressions, names, and gender of the panel of interviewers.

Stay calm and do not overreact

Even if you understand and know your rights during the interview, do not overreact and show anger, discontent or start complaining to your interviewer. If you overreact, you might speak words that can be used against you in court or create a scene that can warrant your arrest. You should instead have self-control and stay calm, thank the interviewer and walk out calmly.

Contact your lawyer for advice

Charges that touch on discrimination issues based on race or religion are sensitive and require strong evidence. The case might require greater evidence if it involves discrimination during an interview because it’s usually a one-time experience.

Your LB employment lawyer is knowledgeable and knows the kind of tangible evidence to look for until your rights get addressed. You may not get another opportunity to go back to your interviewer for further evidence but your lawyer knows how to obtain the relevant documents for further investigation.

Report to EEOC office

If you have concrete evidence that you were discriminated against during an interview based on race or religion, report the issues to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The commission is mandated to record and investigate charges of employer discrimination against employees and take the right steps according to law. If they find your claims true, they might help you get the job. Before you report to EEOC, first contact your workplace discrimination lawyer and establish if that’s the best option.

Fight for your Employment Discrimination Rights by Informing a Workplace Discrimination Lawyer

The law gives a right for every employer to employ any employee of their choice if they feel the employee will add value to the company. However, some employers out rightly show discrimination during interviews based on the interviewee’s race or religion. You can let our experienced lawyers help you fight for your rights. Contact us on telephone number (562) 526-1224.