Jet Ski Accident Lawyer On Who’s Responsible for Your Accident and More

jet ski accident lawyer

Personal watercraft (or “Jet Ski” accidents as they’re often referred to) can be dangerous, to say the very least. Even the most expensive personal watercraft are unlikely to have much in the way of safety features. Moreover, an accident that occurs is going to be on the water, very possibly far from land. If you or someone that you love were injured in an accident involving a personal watercraft (such as a Jet Ski, Sea Doo, WaveRunner or the like) Belal Hamideh Law can help. Below are some of the more common questions Belal and the rest of the jet ski accident lawyer team are asked. 

Who is Liable for My Personal Watercraft Injury? 

Most likely, the operator of the watercraft that struck you will be liable. If you were hit by another personal watercraft, a boat, or some other form of watercraft, it could very well be the fault of the person in control of that watercraft. They may have been inattentive, under the influence, failing to adhere to waterway safety rules, and so forth.

Other Than The Other Operator, Who May Be Liable? 

However, it could be that other parties are liable, too. Perhaps there was a defect with your watercraft or the watercraft that struck you. That could be the manufacturer’s fault, a mechanic who did recent work, and so forth. Alternatively, maybe you were hit by a rented watercraft. Then, the company that rented the vessel could be liable. We can help to determine the truth. 

How Can I Reduce the Odds Of Being in a Personal Watercraft Accident? 

First, you should always be as safe as possible on the water. Don’t speed excessively. Avoid using your personal watercraft in areas where it shouldn’t be. Always check the weather before you go out on the water. Never operate a personal watercraft under the influence or even “buzzed.” These and other safe behaviors can lower the odds that you’re in an accident but they cannot eliminate them. You can’t control what the other operators do. 

What Should I Do if I’m in a Personal Watercraft Accident? 

Get to safety as best you can. To use an analogy, if in doubt, act as if you were injured in a car accident.  Check injuries for all parties involved. Then, check information from everyone involved, too: you’ll want their contact information, insurance, and any licensing/registration numbers for the vessels. Speaking of “contact,” contact the authorities, let them know what happened, and make sure to receive attention from a medical professional. Then, reach out to us. 

Belal Hamideh: Torrance Jet Ski Accident Lawyer 

Hopefully, all your trips out on your personal watercraft are safe and fun. However, if they aren’t, if you or someone you love are injured in an accident, we very well may be able to help. Our clients don’t pay us unless we win, and even then our payment comes out of your settlement. For a free case evaluation, you can message Belal and the team here through our site or call.