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Why Do You Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

Every year, thousands of people get injured in California.  If someone negligently injures you, then they are required to make you whole.  Many people that get injured decide not to hire a lawyer because they think they either do not need one or because the lawyer will be too expensive.  The great thing about having an injury lawyer is that we work on a contingency fee basis.  This means that you do not have to pay for the injury lawyer out of your pocket.  The attorney recovers their fee from the settlement. In the end, our lawyer will maximize your settlement amount so that you can recover more money with no expense out of your pocket.

You should never have to choose between “paying for an attorney” or “paying your bills.”

When you get injured, our lawyer will refer you to doctors that will treat you on a lien basis.  If our office recovers a settlement for your injuries, the doctors can get paid for your settlement.  This would allow you to receive more medical treatment than you would have received without a lawyer.  Without a lawyer, paying for medical bills out of your own pocket can be very expensive.  If we settle your case, we will work hard to reduce the number of your medical bills so that you can recover more money for your pocket.

In the wake of a personal injury, the most important thing is your health. Obviously, you have so many other concerns. But, your health should always be paramount. Having your medical bills paid on a contingency basis gives you the best chance to heal.

After you get injured, the insurance company of the person that injured you will try to settle for a small amount.  The insurance company may seem like they want to take care of you. They might seem like the friendliest person in the world. When a kind, compassionate person shows up out of nowhere to offer you money when you’re vulnerable and injured, it can seem like the best thing to happen to you. Unfortunately, it isn’t.

When someone from the insurance company comes to talk to you, that’s why they’re there: for the insurance company. They aren’t really there to be your friend, to be your pal, to offer you the money to get you back “up on your feet,” etc. They’re there for one reason: They do not want you to hire a lawyer.  Insurance companies know that hiring an injury lawyer will make them give you a bigger settlement.

By hiring an injury lawyer, you will receive medical treatment at no upfront cost and net more money in your pocket for the pain and suffering your accident has caused you.  If you hire a lawyer, you are making a choice that protects the interest of yourself and the loved ones that depend on you.

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What is a Personal Injury Lawyer?

A personal injury is a physical or emotional injury, which causes pain and suffering, the need for medical treatment or loss of earnings. If you have sustained an injury because of the fault of another person or company, then you may have a personal injury case. The person who has caused your injury is at fault if they were negligent. Negligence occurs when a person does an action, which is under the standard of care we owe to others. We all owe each other a duty of care to conduct ourselves as a reasonable person would. For example, the reasonable person would not follow too closely behind someone. Generally, if someone rear-ends you, then they are negligent and responsible for your injury.

If another person has injured you, this is a form of civil wrongdoing, which is known as a tort. You may be entitled to money damages if another person injured you. The money damages equal the amount of money it would require to make you whole again. This means that you are entitled to money that would compensate you for your pain and suffering, medical bills, permanent damage, loss of earnings, emotional distress, and more. Since we can’t turn back time, the only justice you can receive for your injury is money justice.

You might think something like: “I’ve been injured, other than medical bills, how is this money really going to help me?” The truth is that compensation can help you to get a “fresh start” after your injury.

Our Long Beach Personal Injury Lawyer works on a contingency fee basis. This means that our fee is contingent upon the result we get in your case. If we do not win your case, we do not charge you a fee.

If the person or company that injured you has insurance then you can recover the money from their insurance. If their insurance is not enough to cover your damages, then you may be able to recover the rest of your damages from your own insurance. If you recover money against your own insurance, your insurance premiums will not go up if the accident was not your fault. In California, it is illegal for insurance companies to raise your premiums if the accident was not your fault.

As you might imagine from reading this, insurance companies will do essentially everything they can to ensure that this does not happen. The insurance companies, due to their experience, know exactly what your personal injury is worth. So, their business model depends on making sure that you get less than that number. We do everything in our power to make sure that you do.


The Process of a Personal Injury Case

When you are involved in an accident, you should call the police right away.  If you were injured in the accident and need immediate medical attention, you should go to the hospital right away.  If you still require medical attention when you contact our office, we will refer you to experienced doctors that will treat you on a lien basis.

Afterward, we will file a claim with your insurance company and with the other person’s insurance company.  Your insurance premiums will not be increased if you were not at fault for the accident.  In California, it is illegal to raise a person’s insurance premium if they are not at fault for the accident.

We will recover the money for the damages done to your car free of charge.

After your doctors release you from medical care, we will obtain all the medical records and start negotiating with the other person’s insurance company to obtain a settlement.  If the insurance company does not offer a reasonable settlement, we will file a civil lawsuit for you so that you can obtain the compensation you deserve.

The above shows just some of the actions that we take to make sure that you get everything that you deserve. No two cases are the same. That said, in our years of experience, we’ve seen quite a bit. Now, we can put that experience to work for you.

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How Long Does a Personal Injury Case Take?

There is no timetable for how long your personal injury case will take. Generally, our office will refer you to a doctor if you need medical treatment. These doctors will treat you on a lien and agree to not charge you until your case is over. Once you are finished with your treatment, we will negotiate with the insurance company to try to resolve your case without the need for filing your claim in court.

The negotiation process with the insurance company can last anywhere from 1 to 12 weeks. If the insurance company makes reasonable settlement offers early on, then the negotiations will be quicker. If the insurance company wants to make low ball offers, our office will discuss whether you want to take their highest offer or file the case in court. If we file the case in court, the Court will give us a trial date. Only two percent of cases go to trial. Usually, the case will settle after we file your case in court. Generally, the parties will agree to go to mediation in order to try to settle the case.

Our Personal Injury Attorney in Long Beach advances all the costs to pursue your case, including the cost of mediation. If we don’t win your case, we will not request for you to reimburse our costs. We take on all the risks.

While there is no clear-cut answer as to how long your case will take, we ensure that we will move your case as efficiently and thoroughly as possible. In the end, it will be a process, but you will receive the justice that you deserve.

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Long Beach Personal Injury Lawyer With No Fee Until We Win

You will not be charged a dime until we win your case.  If we do not win your case, we will not charge you anything for our services.  Also, we will advance all the costs to pursue your case.  If we do not win your case, you do not pay for the costs we advanced.  You have so much to gain by hiring a personal injury lawyer.

The other side has the best lawyers possible. Their resources are more or less infinite, they have years of experience, and they know what it takes to win. Those are just some of the reasons that you deserve to have attorneys on your side that can match.

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How Much is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

There is no formula to determine how much your personal injury case is worth. However, you are entitled to many Personal Injury benefits. These benefits include:

  • The person who caused your injury must pay for the cost of your medical treatment. If you paid out of pocket, the at-fault person must reimburse you for the amount you paid.
  • You are entitled to recover the amount of money you lost from missing work. In order to recover money for missing work, the insurance company will require a note from the doctor detailing the number of days you were put off work.
  • Moreover, you are entitled to recover for any loss of earning capacity. This occurs when you have a permanent injury and you can no longer do the same work. If you will end up being able to make less money than before the accident, then you are entitled to compensation for your loss of earning capacity. This is also known as workman’s compensation or “workers comp”.
  • Most importantly, you are entitled to money damages for pain, suffering, and emotional distress. The pain and suffering damages are the amount of money that would be fair in order to go through your pain and suffering. There is no formula for pain and suffering. It is known as general damage. Pain and suffering damages vary depending on your particular suffering. For example, if you missed an event or can no longer do your hobby, then there will be a high price tag. Unfortunately, insurance adjusters don’t take pain and suffering damages seriously unless you have a Personal Injury Attorney in Long Beach. For many, it might sound impossible or unlikely that you could receive compensation for pain, suffering, and emotional distress. But the truth is that you deserve to be compensated for everything that you’ve been through. You didn’t ask to be injured. It’s not your fault, nor did you cause it to happen.

Personal Injury Case Study

Confidential Settlement For a Truck Accident – $450,000.00

Our client suffered injuries in a collision between a truck and a car. Our client wasn’t even in the car the truck hit: he was in a vehicle at the very front of that car. He suffered his injuries because the truck pushed the car to impact his vehicle. This is usually known as a chain reaction or multi-vehicle accident.

The insurance company offered our client just a few thousand dollars; even when it was proven that he sustained injuries from the collision. This money was very far from what he was actually entitled to receive.

We decided to represent this client and filed a lawsuit. At mediation, which took 12 hours, we were able to negotiate a settlement much superior to the amount the insurance company tried to give our client. The final number for this confidential settlement was $450,000.


What Do I Do After I Have Been in a Car Accident?

the first thing you want to do is take pictures of all vehicles involved in the accident. Take pictures before moving any cars. It is important to document exactly where each car was at the time of impact. For example, if another driver merged into your lane and sideswiped your vehicle, then you can use the point of impact photo to prove they were at fault.

If you’re unable to take photographs of the accident site, ask a friend or family member to do so.

Once you have taken photographs, then move your car to the side of the road when safe to do so. If you have been injured, call the police. They will ask if you have been injured. An injury is any discomfort. You don’t need to break a bone in order to sustain an “injury.” Some of the worst, most devastating injuries didn’t seem that way at first. Too often, someone doesn’t think they were “injured” in an accident, only to suddenly feel the full effects of days, weeks, or even months later.

Make sure to let the police officers know if you sustained an injury so that they can write a police report. If no one has been injured in the accident, the police officers will leave the accident scene. They will advise all persons involved in the accident to exchange insurance information.

It is important that you take pictures of the front and back of the other driver’s insurance card and driver’s license. You need this information to file a claim against their automobile insurance and potentially to file a lawsuit.

Once you complete the steps above, you must determine if you need further medical treatment. If you need medical treatment, you may contact our Long Beach Personal Injury Lawyer so that he may refer you to a doctor. The doctors will not charge you until your case is over. Generally, they get paid out of the settlement if we win your case.

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Our Personal Injury Attorney Will Represent You Aggressively

Our office will fight for you to maximize your compensation. Your personal injury can impact the rest of your life.  We know it’s not always easy to reach out to someone, particularly when you’re injured. Those are just two of the reasons that we have free consultations. Speak to our office and make sure that you receive maximum compensation so that you and your family will be protected.  Our experience and commitment to our clients make our firm a top choice.

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What Personal Injury Benefits You Are Entitled To?

If you are injured in any type of personal injury accident then you may be entitled to the following:

  • Compensation for all Past and Future Medical Expenses
  • Compensation for Past and Future Pain and Suffering
  • Compensation for Past and Future Lost Wages
  • Reimbursement for All Out of Pocket Expenses
  • And more

Under California Civil Jury Instruction (“CACI”) 3903A, you are entitled to be paid for the reasonable medical expenses you have incurred.  Our attorney will make sure you receive all the medical treatment that you need.  Our attorney will fight hard to get these medical expenses included in your settlement.  Also, under CACI 3903A, you are entitled to get paid for the reasonable medical expenses you are reasonably certain to require in the future.  If you need future medical treatment, we will advance the cost for a life care planner.  Our attorney is skilled in negotiating a settlement for your past and future medical bills.

When you get injured, you will endure pain and suffering.  Under CACI 3905A, you are entitled to receive money for the physical pain, emotional stress and loss of enjoyment of life.  If you are permanently injured, you may have lifetime pain and suffering.  A skilled attorney is required so that you receive full compensation for your past and future suffering.

It is possible that you will miss time from work because of your injury. Further, you may lose some ability to earn money in the future.  Under CACI 3903 C, you are entitled to recover the earnings you lost.  Moreover, you are entitled to recover the money you are reasonably certain to lose in the future.  If you sustained a permanent disability, we will advance the cost of an expert to determine how much money you will lose in the future.

Moreover, you are entitled to recover all out-of-pocket expenses you paid because of your injury.  This includes travel expenses you had for traveling to and from your medical appointments.

As you can see, there is a lot of potential compensation that you could receive for your injury.
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Why Hire Us As Your Personal Injury Attorney in Long Beach?

  • Our personal injury lawyer will ensure that you receive justice.
  • Our office works hard to obtain maximum compensation for all types of personal injury cases.
  • Our personal injury attorney in Long Beach is experienced in all types of personal injury cases
  • Our office provides great customer service.  We provide our clients with the attention that they deserve.
  • Our lawyer makes himself available to his clients.  If he is not in the office, he will return your call within 24 hours.

You Do Not Need To Have Insurance To Receive Compensation

If you did not have automobile coverage at the time of your accident, you can still recover for your medical bills to you have sustained as a result of your accident.  You are also still entitled to recover for medical expenses that you will need throughout your lifetime as a result of your injury.

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When Should I Hire a Long Beach Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you have been injured in an accident because of the fault of another person, then you should hire a personal injury attorney immediately. Our attorney charges a contingency fee basis. This means that our fee is a percentage of your settlement. The fee is the same whether you hire a personal injury lawyer from the beginning or end of your case.

You may try to handle your personal injury claim alone, but you will eventually run into problems. The insurance company has a team of adjusters and lawyers to try to eliminate or minimize your case. In order to combat them and receive justice, you will need a personal injury lawyer on your team as well.

You will get better medical treatment when you have a personal injury lawyer. Our office refers you to doctors that provide all the medical treatment you need with no upfront costs. So if you need a MRI or injection, you will receive it without having to pay until the end of your case. Without an injury attorney, you may not be able to afford the medical treatment you need if you are required to pay up front.

In order to truly maximize your medical recovery and money damages, you need an experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Long Beach.

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Do Not Wait To Take Action!

The law does not provide recourse to those who wait. There are strict deadlines that must be met in personal injury cases. These deadlines are called Statutes of Limitations.  If your case is not filed within the Statute of Limitations, you will lose your right to pursue your personal injury case.

Generally, personal injury cases must be filed within two years of your date of injury.

If a governmental agent caused your injury, you must file a governmental claim within six months of the injury.  Further, the case must be filed in Superior Court within six months of the denial of the governmental claim.

Moreover, medical malpractice cases must be filed within one year of your date of injury.

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