FedEx Accident Injury Lawyer for San Bernardino

Accidents Involving FedEx Vehicles: Your Path to Compensation

Were you hit by a FedEx delivery vehicle? Has someone you love been injured in a FedEx crash? This can lead to serious injuries, to say the very least. Should this have happened to you, you very well may be eligible for compensation. Belal Hamideh, an experienced FedEx accident injury attorney for San Bernardino and the surrounding area, can help. Hablamos Espanol.

Understanding the Challenge of Suing FedEx

Filing a lawsuit against FedEx can be a daunting task due to various factors. FedEx goes to great lengths to shield itself from liability, often categorizing its drivers as “independent contractors” or “third-party,” rather than direct employees. Despite operating FedEx vehicles and handling FedEx cargo, these drivers are not technically considered FedEx employees.

The legal landscape becomes intricate when dealing with the different divisions within FedEx, such as FedEx Home Delivery and FedEx Ground. Drivers associated with these are often designated as “Independent Service Providers,” further complicating the process.

While it may seem challenging to file a suit against FedEx, our commitment is to conduct a thorough evaluation of your case. We identify all parties liable for your injuries and pursue legal action against them to ensure you receive the full compensation you deserve.

Types of Compensation Available for FedEx Accidents

Accidents involving FedEx drivers can lead to severe consequences, encompassing physical injuries, emotional trauma, and financial strain. In California, victims of FedEx accidents are entitled to both economic and non-economic compensation.

Economic compensation covers essential expenses like medical bills, medications, rehabilitation costs, and other related expenses resulting from the accident. If the accident leaves you unable to work, you can also seek compensation for lost wages, both current and future.

Non-economic damages address the intangible losses that are challenging to quantify objectively. These damages include compensation for pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and even loss of consortium, providing restitution for the emotional and psychological toll the accident has taken on your life.

During a free case evaluation, Belal can provide insights into the specific compensation you may be eligible for and formulate a strategic plan. That way, we can better guide you through the legal process.

Immediate Steps After a FedEx Accident

If you find yourself in an accident involving a FedEx vehicle, it’s crucial to take immediate steps to protect your well-being and legal rights:

  • Prioritize Safety: Move to a safe location away from traffic and potential hazards, ensuring the safety of all parties involved.
  • Assess Injuries: Check yourself and others for injuries, even if they may not be immediately apparent. Seek medical attention promptly.
  • Call Emergency Services: Dial 911 to report the accident. An official report from law enforcement can be invaluable when building your case.
  • Gather Information: Exchange contact and insurance details with the FedEx driver and any witnesses. Do so without admitting fault.
  • Document the Scene: Take photographs and videos of the accident scene, focusing on vehicle damage and the surrounding environment.
  • Contact Your Insurance Company: Notify your insurance provider about the accident, providing accurate information.

Once you’ve taken these steps, reach out to Belal for a free case evaluation to better understand your legal options.

An Experienced FedEx Accident Injury Lawyer for San Bernardino

Being involved in an accident with a FedEx driver can leave you feeling vulnerable and uncertain about your future. However, with the right legal representation, you can navigate the complexities of the legal system and secure the compensation you deserve.

Belal and his team have a proven track record of successfully handling cases against even the most formidable corporate opponents. Operating on a contingency basis, you only pay once your case is won.

With a 99% success rate, our clients not only win often but also benefit from our payment structure, where fees come out of settlements. To schedule a free case evaluation, reach out to us through our website or give us a call. Turn your personal injury into a personal victory.