Employment Lawyer Santa Monica

Have you experienced injustice at your workplace? Your employer does not have the right to violate your rights, mistreat you, or break the law. If you believe you were harassed, discriminated against, wrongfully terminated, or not paid as agreed, you very well may have a case. During a free case evaluation, Belal Hamideh, experienced employment lawyer in Santa Monica, can let you know how strong your case is as well as how he and the rest of the staff can help. 

Compensation for Your Employment Law Case

The damages you may receive depend on the specifics of your case. Belal and his team work diligently to help you recover all the compensation you deserve. Possible damages include:

  • Back Pay and Front Pay: Compensation for lost wages from the time of termination until the court’s ruling and beyond.
  • Job Search and Retraining Costs: Reimbursement for expenses related to finding a new job or retraining for a different profession.
  • Emotional Distress: Compensation for the mental anguish, distress, and suffering experienced due to workplace mistreatment.
  • Reinstatement: Restoration to a similar position within the company after wrongful termination.
  • Loss of Professional Reputation: Compensation for damage to your professional reputation.
  • Punitive Damages: Monetary awards intended to punish the employer for their misconduct.

Belal provides a detailed assessment of the damages you deserve during the free case evaluation and fights tirelessly to secure them for you.

Types of Employment Cases Handled by Belal Hamideh

Throughout his years of practicing employment law, Belal Hamideh has successfully represented clients from various industries, ranging from multinational corporations to small businesses. He handles a wide range of employment cases, including:

  1. Disability Discrimination: Belal assists individuals who have been harassed, passed over for positions, or terminated due to their disabilities.
  2. Retaliation: Belal takes on cases where employees are punished by their employers for reporting harassment, discrimination, or other unfair workplace practices.
  3. Wage and Hour Violations: Belal addresses issues such as unpaid overtime, off-the-clock work, missed breaks, and incorrect classification of employees.
  4. Hostile Work Environment: Belal helps individuals dealing with workplace hostility, including name-calling, threats, and emotional trauma.
  5. Racial Discrimination: Belal represents clients who believe they were discriminated against or mistreated at work due to their race or ethnicity.
  6. Wrongful Termination: Belal assists individuals who were fired based on protected characteristics, such as race, gender, age, sexuality, or disability.
  7. Sexual Harassment: Belal handles cases involving various forms of sexual harassment, including unwanted touching, explicit comments, and threats.
  8. Gender Discrimination: Belal fights against gender discrimination, including unequal pay and unfair treatment based on gender.
  9. Employer Fraud: Belal assists individuals who have been deceived by employers through false promises or fraudulent activities.
  10. Breach of Contract: Belal represents employees in cases where employers breach contracts regarding benefits, compensation, or termination procedures.
  11. Age Discrimination: Belal helps individuals facing age-based discrimination, including wrongful termination and demotion due to age.
  12. Whistleblower Rights: Belal protects whistleblowers from retaliation, ensuring they are not harassed or mistreated for exposing illegal activities.
  13. Family and Medical Leave: Belal assists employees in cases involving the Family and Medical Leave Act, ensuring they are not penalized for taking leave to care for family members.
  14. Pregnancy Discrimination: Belal fights against discrimination based on pregnancy, ensuring pregnant employees are not harassed, fired, or mistreated.

If you believe your workplace rights were violated, contact Belal for a free case evaluation.

Statute of Limitations for Filing an Employment Law Case

The timeframe for filing an employment law case varies based on the specifics of each situation:

  • Written Contract Breach: Four years from the breach date.
  • Verbal Contract Breach: Two years from the breach date.
  • Wage or Hour Agreement Violation: Three years from the violation date.

Those are just some of the statutes of limitations with some of the cases that Belal can handle. Given the complexity of these cases, it is crucial to consult an experienced attorney promptly to avoid missing the filing deadline.

Belal Hamideh: Your Trusted Employment Lawyer in Santa Monica

When you contact Belal, he will conduct a thorough and complimentary case evaluation to understand your situation. He will provide expert legal advice, outlining your options and the steps needed to pursue justice. Working on a contingency basis, Belal’s fees are only deducted from your settlement, ensuring access to justice regardless of your financial situation. You don’t pay unless we win. 

If your workplace rights have been violated, seek the justice you deserve. Contact Belal Hamideh for a free case evaluation today. Your rights matter, and Belal is here to help you reclaim them.