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Have your rights been violated in your workplace? Did you suffer injustice at work? Just because someone is your employer, that does not give them the right to violate your rights, to mistreat you, or to break the law. If you believe that there’s a chance you were harassed at work, discriminated against, terminated wrongfully, or not paid what you agreed to, then it’s worth it to reach out to Belal Hamideh, an experienced employment lawyer in Manhattan Beach. 

He can sit down with you for a free and comprehensive case evaluation. During that time, he’ll let you know if he believes you have a case as well as how he and the rest of the team here can help. 

Employment Cases Belal Handles 

In years of practicing employment law, Belal Hamideh has helped clients from a wide range of industries. Whether clients work for multinational corporations, “mom and pop” businesses, or any size company in between, Belal represents his clients as aggressively as possible, so that they receive maximum compensation for all that they have been through. 

Employment cases Belal Hamideh can handle include: 

Disability Discrimination 

If you were harassed, passed over for a position, or even fired due to your disability, Belal can help. 


You may have a retaliation case if you were punished by your employer as a direct result of reporting harassment, discretion, or other unfair or even unlawful workplace practices. Forms of retaliation can include: unfavorable employment conditions/work assignments, reduction in pay/benefits, unfair/negative treatment, demotion, loss of responsibilities, malicious oversight, and more.

Wage and Hour Violation 

Wage and hour violations can include failing to pay overtime/double-time when earned, making employees work when they’re off the clock, forcing you to work through meal/rest breaks, not paying employees during their meal/rest breaks, not paying commissions you earned, incorrectly classifying you as an independent contractor, not paying you for all of the time that you spent on the job, paying less than minimum wage, and others. 

Hostile Work Environment 

A hostile workplace is one that may include name-calling, mistreated employees, violent threats, physical trauma, emotional trauma, and more. If you believe there’s even a chance that your workplace is hostile, it’s worth it to reach out to a lawyer. Many times, someone thinks that their workplace may be hostile but they aren’t sure, but when they reach out to their attorney, they learn that their workplace is very hostile indeed. 

Racial Discrimination 

Contact Belal Hamideh if you believe it’s even possible that you were passed over for a promotion, were wrongfully terminated, discriminated against, or even unfairly treated at work due to your race or ethnicity. 

Wrongful Termination 

You have a wrongful termination case if you were fired not due to your performance but because of your race, your gender, your age, your sexuality, or your disability. Belal can help you through the process from the beginning through a successful end. 

Sexual Harassment 

Sexual harassment can take the form of but is by no means limited to unwanted touching of any form, derogatory comments with a sexual overtone, sexually explicit gestures, and behaviors, discussion of sexual behavior, sexually obscene messages/graphic comments, sexually suggestive pictures, threats from your employer if you do not perform sexual favors, unwanted sexual propositions, and much, much more. If any of this has happened to you in any capacity, contact Belal today. 

Gender Discrimination 

You may have been discriminated against on account of your gender if you were denied a raise on account of your gender, or if you were passed over for a certain position, if you aren’t paid as much as your co-workers, or in other ways. 

Employer Fraud 

Did your employer convince you to take a job based on false promises? Did they not hold up their end of the contract? Those are some forms of employer fraud. Others include fraud involving insurance, unemployment, payroll, workers’ comp, or even evading taxes. If your employer did any of that (or you even suspect they did) it’s worth it to reach out. 

Breach of Contract

Your employer could be in breach of a contract if they don’t pay you benefits agreed upon within the contract, if they don’t pay you compensation agreed upon in the contract, or if they fire or even just lay off employees for reasons not specified in the contract.

Age Discrimination 

If you were wrongfully terminated or forced into retirement based on your age, Belal can help. Other forms of age discrimination include being demoted or passed over for promotions due to your age, being harassed, mistreated, and so forth. 

Whistleblower Rights

If you came forward to tell the truth about your company violating laws, acting illegally, and the like, then you deserve to be protected. Your company cannot reduce your wages or hours, nor can they harass you simply for being a whistleblower. Additionally, they can’t fire you or make your workplace hostile just for coming forward with the truth, either. Should you believe this may have happened to you, we’ve got your back. 

Family and Medical Leave 

Under the Family and Medical Leave Act, your employer is required to let you have unpaid leave so you can care for a newborn, take care of an adopted child’s arrival, or care for a child who’s ill. As such, your employer can’t fire you, demote you, or pass you over for promotions because you took this leave, nor can they make your work environment hostile. 

Pregnancy Discrimination 

You can’t be discriminated against because you are or were pregnant. So, your employer can’t cut your wages or hours, nor can they fire you, harass you, or do other actions because of your pregnancy. 

Those are just some of the employment law cases that Belal can handle. If you believe that your rights were violated in your workplace, it’s in your best interest to reach out for a free case evaluation. 

Damages You Can Receive for Your Employment Law Case 

Every case is different. No matter what your case is, however, Belal and the entire team here work tirelessly so that you can recover all of the damages that you deserve. Your damages will depend upon the facts of your case. 

For example, clients who have a wrongful termination case can receive damages in the form of “front pay,” as well as “back pay.” These are benefits, wages, and the like that you would have earned from the time you were wrongfully terminated to when the court made their ruling (“back pay”) as well as from the time of the court’s ruling to when you would have found another job (“front pay.”) 

You can receive compensation for any costs relating to your job search, or for retraining you to do another job, etc. 

Additionally, you could potentially receive damages for emotional distress, and compensation to make up for all of the anguish, distress, and worse that you had to deal with on account of being wrongfully terminated. You could also potentially be reinstated, where you would return to a similar position with the company or the position you originally had. 

Now, you don’t have to have been wrongfully terminated to receive compensation for emotional distress, anguish, etc. You can also receive compensation for that if you’re discriminated against, retaliated against, you’re harassed, your workplace is hostile, etc. 

You can also recover compensation for wages and benefits that you lost (or would have made) had your employer not violated your rights as well. 

By that same token, you can receive compensation for your loss of professional reputation, even our fees, and so forth. 

In some cases, you may receive punitive damages. These are what they sound like: damages that the court awards you specifically to punish your employer for what they have done. 

When we sit down with you for your free case evaluation, we’ll go over your case and let you know exactly what damages you deserve. Then, we’ll do everything in our power to make sure that you get them. 

How Long Do You Have to File an Employment Law Case? 

As with so much else, it depends on your specific case. For example, if an employer breaches a written contract that you both agreed to, then you have two years to file a claim. However, if you had a verbal contract, then you have four years to bring a case. 

If your employer violated your agreement in regards to your wage or your hours, then you have three years to file a claim. Should your employer have created a work environment that’s hostile, then you have two years from the date of the action to do so. You also have two years if they violated your rights as a whistleblower or if you were wrongfully terminated. 

The last thing you would ever want is to believe that you may have a valid case only for the statute of limitations to run out before you file. 

As you can see, these cases can become quite complicated quickly. So, it’s in your best interest to reach out to an experienced attorney as soon as possible. The sooner you reach out to Belal, the sooner we can get to work on your case. 

Belal Hamideh: Employment Lawyer in Manhattan Beach

When you reach out to Belal, he’ll sit down with you for a free case evaluation. There, he’ll talk to you about your case, what happened, and then he’ll explain to you what he believes about your case and how he can help. From there, we’ll get right to work investigating what happened and building the strongest possible case on your behalf. 

Belal works on contingency. That means that you won’t have to pay out of your pocket, rather, Belal’s payment will come out of your eventual settlement. If your rights at work were violated, you deserve justice. To start the process, contact Belal for a free case evaluation.