Suing for Elder Abuse in California: What You Need to Know

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Abuse in nursing homes is getting worse across the nation. Reports continue to surface as the population ages. As a result, you must act quickly when you suspect your loved one’s survival is on the line. If you notice signs of abuse, you should contact an attorney without delay.

Discuss Your Situation with an Elder Abuse Lawyer California Legal Advocate

Speaking to an elder abuse lawyer California professional is important, as you can only handle an abuse problem through these means. Speaking to an attorney will lift some of the burdens you’re feeling from your shoulders and help you seek justice for a loved one’s suffering.

Defining Abuse in the Nursing Home Setting

The site, defines abuse as an incident where a resident in a facility does not receive the proper care, which results in physical and mental suffering. If a nursing home fails to meet a resident’s basic needs or does not provide proper water, shelter, food, clothes, hygiene, or medical care, they must be held accountable.

When you contact a lawyer for elder abuse, he or she can assist you in finding measures and legal solutions for preventing future abuse or for holding a medical facility responsible. 

The National Center for Victims of Crime states that just over 15% of complaints for elder abuse are recorded for nursing homes, most often in the form of neglect.

CNAs, who took part in one focus group, stated that abuse occurs when a patient is pulled too hard or the caregiver yells out of rage. Threats also are included in cases handled by elder abuse lawyer California firms as well as punching, hitting, or slapping.

A Reduced Standard of Care

When a patient suffers from neglect, it often is related to understaffing. The fewer nurses in a facility also lead to a reduced standard of care. When this happens, patients may not receive the proper medical and dental care or receive specialized care for severe physical or cognitive conditions. 

Therefore, neglect may lead to bedsores, patient withdrawal, poor hygiene, lack of hydration or nutrition, or improper patient handling.

In some understaffed facilities, patients are transported by one caregiver when transport requires two people for the task. In other facilities, the staff members may overlook the care needs of certain patients because of a lack of help. Over time, these issues lead to abuse and neglect.

How an Elder Abuse Lawyer California Specialist Can Help

A lawyer for elder abuse often takes on cases that involve the development of bed sores, fractures, and the repercussions of verbal or emotional abuse. In some cases, the patient may have been overmedicated or received the wrong medicine. In other cases, a lawyer may need to review a problem with sexual abuse.

Bedsores that Result from Neglect

Bedsores can form on a patient’s back, joints, hips, feet, or other locations where the bones push against the patient’s thin, brittle skin – particularly if they spend too much time in bed or a chair. If bedsores are not treated, infections may develop that, in some instances, end in death.
Additionally, individuals who do not get enough food and water run a higher risk of developing the sores.

Fractures in Elder Abuse Cases

Falls represent the primary cause of broken bones in nursing homes, often because the provider does not take the time to move the patient gently and safely. The injuries may also happen when a patient is pulled too forcefully when they are hit. 

Withdrawal and Depression

Patients may withdraw or become depressed if they suffer from ongoing verbal or emotional abuse. This type of abuse can also cause a patient to fear speaking out because they’re scared of reprisal.

The Dangers of Overmedication

Neglect may also take the form of overmedication. This turns into a dangerous situation, as patients often need certain medicines to survive. Unfortunately, overmedication leads to death – a common form of neglect because of this oversight. In addition, some patients receive the wrong medicines, all of which result from a lack of training and understaffing.

Nursing Home Sexual Abuse

Some patients are subject to sexual abuse because of their physical or mental limitations. Signs of sexual abuse include injuries in the genital area. If you suspect this type of abuse, you need to call an attorney immediately.

Nursing Home Fatalities

According to the site, Fight Nursing Home Abuse, most fatalities result from falls – all of which lead to wrongful death lawsuits – filed because they could have been prevented. Whether a fatality results from the mishandling of medications or from a fall, this type of negligence needs to be addressed.

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Who to Contact in California about Your Nursing Home Abuse Case

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