E-Scooter Cases the Right Accident Injury Attorney Can Handle

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Were you injured in an accident that involved an e-scooter? Whether you were riding the scooter, were a pedestrian hit by one, or even tripped over one and were injured (among other accidents),  you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Belal Hamideh, an experienced e-scooter accident injury attorney, can guide you through the legal process every step of the way, all to help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Understanding the potential severity of these accidents, Belal offers a complimentary case evaluation to assess the merit of your situation. During this evaluation, he taps into his extensive experience to provide an accurate assessment of your case’s value. Once the evaluation is complete, Belal and his dedicated team commit to an unwavering fight to secure the maximum compensation on your behalf. Hablamos Espanol.

Determining the Viability of Your Case

When you share the road, regardless of your mode of transportation, others owe you a “duty of care.” If someone breaches this duty and causes your injury, you likely have grounds for a case. The seasoned electric scooter accident lawyer team led by Belal has a proven record of establishing the owed duty of care, demonstrating its breach, and linking it to the resultant injuries.

If You’re Injured in An Accident Involving an E-Scooter

Following an electric scooter accident, prioritize your safety by removing yourself from harm’s way and checking for injuries. Call 911 to ensure prompt medical attention, as some injuries may not manifest immediately. Providing a factual statement to the police aids in creating an official report, a valuable asset in your potential case. Collecting evidence, such as photographs and contact information of witnesses and the involved parties, strengthens your position. After all of that, contact an experienced attorney. 

Compensation for Your Electric Scooter Accident

In the aftermath of an electric scooter accident in California, you may be entitled to both economic and non-economic compensation. Serious injuries often necessitate extensive medical treatment, leading to economic damages that encompass medical bills and related expenses.

Lost wages due to time away from work are also recoverable, and the legal team led by Belal can advocate for compensation for future wage losses. Beyond the tangible, the emotional toll of pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and other non-economic damages can also be pursued, among others. 

Experience in Complex Cases

Electric scooters, a relatively recent addition to urban landscapes, lack comprehensive regulations. Navigating the complexities of liability and damages after an accident requires a seasoned attorney with substantial experience. 

Even in situations where partial fault may be attributed to you, California’s “comparative negligence” system allows for proportionate compensation. With Belal on your side, negotiating aggressively on your behalf, you stand a better chance of receiving fair compensation no matter what.

Accident Injury Attorney
Belal Hamideh: Experienced E-Scooter Accident Injury Attorney 

The aftermath of an electric scooter accident can be tumultuous, marked by physical recovery, potential work disruptions, and uncertainty about the future. Belal Hamideh and his team operate on a contingency basis, ensuring that you only pay when they win – a remarkable 99% success rate.

If you’ve experienced an electric scooter accident, don’t let it be a defeat; turn it into a victory. Schedule a free case evaluation with Belal by filling out the form on our website or calling. Hablamos español.