Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney If I’m Partially Responsible?

personal injury attorney

After an accident, a person who feels responsible might think they deserve whatever financial punishment comes their way. This is absolutely not what should happen! They should enlist a personal injury attorney to protect their rights and clarify the facts of the accident for their own good.

Please keep in mind that your first priority is safety. After an accident, make sure everybody is safe and the appropriate authorities are contacted. The California Police Department has a handy traffic-related crime guide and instructions for obtaining incident information. But after this, it’s time to seriously consider getting legal representation.

Yes, Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney is in Your Best Interest!

Practically, an attorney knows the legal system and can advise you on important deadlines and procedures. Of course, they will also represent you at any court hearings you may have to attend related to your case, which is a huge relief for many. Besides this knowledge, here are a few other reasons to seek representation after a car accident even if you’re partially responsible:

Stop Yourself from Admitting Fault

Besides speaking with the police at the crime scene and your own insurance company, you should try to say as little as possible about your case. Even then, it’s best to stick to the facts. This protects you from admitting fault on the record when there maybe none.

personal injury attorney

What makes this difficult is that you may be aggressively hounded by the other party and their insurance agency. If you have an attorney, you can tell others that you are represented and they need to speak to your lawyer and not you. They will then have to deal with your attorney instead of harassing you.

Level of Fault Affects Payments, Verdicts, and Settlements

In California, the strength of a case is based on how at fault a party is (often determined by a percent). Even if you’re partially to blame, you can still be entitled to some compensation from other responsible parties. An attorney can help you get this compensation. A lawsuit may be necessary as minimum liability insurance coverage in California can be low compared to actual damages.

You May Learn You Have No Liability

One small thing to consider is that, even though you think you’re partially at fault, this may not be the case. There can be a lot of emotions and confusion after an accident, especially in the immediate aftermath. Through investigating your case with an attorney, you may discover objective facts that prove you weren’t really at fault. 

Even Those to Blame Have Rights

Regardless of blame, an attorney can defend you from unjust costs. The opposing party and their insurance may try to twist the facts and even your own statements against you to pin the financial obligations fully on you. Similarly, your own insurance agency may be hesitant to cover certain things that they should cover. Having an attorney could help you get the coverage you paid for and are owed.

Guidance In and Out of Court

The lawyers at Belal Hamideh Law can provide the necessary stability and mental clarity after an accident. They want to protect your rights, while going above and beyond to get evidence (surveillance videos, statements, etc.) to build your case and encourage you to seek necessary medical treatment and watch who you speak to after an accident. Call (562) 526-1224 for a free consultation, regardless of how at fault you believe you are.