Determining Liability for Damages and Injuries Suffered in Automobile Accidents

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Determining who is liable for damages or injuries resulting from a car accident depends on several varying factors. A car accident lawyer in California can help with such determination.

Take the case of a motorist getting serious injuries when another motorist cuts them off when turning onto the street.

If the injured party is found to have been speeding or making an illegal lane change before the crash, they may be found liable for the accident. Liability for damages or injuries suffered in car accidents is dependent on vehicle statutes instead of the traditional “fault.”

When you sustain injuries from an automobile accident that may range from minor to more serious injuries like spinal cord damage, you do not have to bear the liability for your medical bills alone. Engaging an experienced personal injury lawyer can assist you in identifying who is liable. This will increase the chances for you to get financial reimbursement once the responsible party is identified.

Who is Liable for Car Accident Damages?

Having a clear understanding of legal liability will go a long way in helping you make an evaluation of your accident and determine who is liable for your injuries. Having legal liability means that you have a duty of care not to unreasonably cause harm to other motorists or road users. To determine who is liable in a car accident case, take the following into consideration:

The duty of Care at the Time of Accident

As mentioned above, every driver has a duty of care not to unreasonable cause harm to other road users. They must follow the rules of the road and pay enough attention to other road users including pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists when driving.

However, the duty of care not only lies with the drivers but also to their employers, government agencies responsible for road maintenance, vehicle manufacturers, garages and mechanics, and recreational centers that serve alcohol.

Violation of Duty of Care Resulting in an Accident

Irresponsible drivers don’t cause all accidents. Accidents may result from poor road conditions or failure to observe traffic laws. Determining who violated their duty of care that ended up causing an accident will help you determine the person who bears liability for your car accident and this may include more than the driver.

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Specific Injuries Sustained from Your Car Accident

It is important to define the specific injury or damage you suffered during your accident to assign and prove liability. Destroyed vehicles or other property, personal injuries, and trauma all qualify as specific injuries suffered. Knowing all these can help you and your lawyer successfully file a lawsuit and receive compensation.

Liability for Car Accident Damages

In situations where it is clear who caused an accident, it is easy to assign liability. However, complications and extenuating circumstances may end up making the case complicated. In such cases consider another driver, the driver’s employer, government authorities responsible for road maintenance, bars and restaurants, vehicle manufacturers, and mechanics in determining liability for your car accident.

Getting Legal Help from a Car Accident Lawyer in California

Knowing who’s liable for an accident and who you can sue for damages will help you get the deserved compensation. Working with experienced lawyers can help increase your chances of recovering compensation for the full cost of your injuries. If you need help determining liability after a car accident, contact Belal Hamideh Law. Call (562) 526-1224 to speak with a car accident lawyer in California, an experienced member of the legal team.