Damages a Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Can Pursue on Your Behalf

 damages a catastrophic injury lawyer can pursue on your behalf

Different injuries can have different impacts on different people, determined by a number of variable factors, but in the legal sense of things, a catastrophic injury is something that is all on its own in terms of impact and level of seriousness. In legal terms, a catastrophic injury is defined as any injury that is serious enough to result in permanent disability, a chronic (long-term) medical problem, or a reduced life expectancy. All of these consequences are incredibly serious, and they deserve an equally serious action to be taken in a court of law to gain compensation and to help the sufferer better cope with their condition going forward. 

Here is some information about the kinds of damages a catastrophic injury lawyer can pursue on your behalf.

Past And Future Medical Expenses

You can be in line to receive in excess of $1 million over your lifetime in the form of 100% recovery of medical costs and treatment costs that are related to the injury that you have suffered. If your injury is something that is going to require ongoing medical intervention and assistance for the rest of your life, it may well be the case that a judge decides to lay the responsibility of these costs at the feet of the guilty party.

Lost Wages

If you have had to miss a long period of employment due to your injury and recovery, then a common damage claim is the amount that equates to the lost wages that you have suffered in the process. This can also be in the form of future income under the terminology “lost capacity to earn” when you have an injury that is going to hinder your ability to earn money in the years to come. Any compensation will be higher if you are going to be unable to work ever again.

Property Repairs

If the accident that resulted in your injury also resulted in damage to your property or to a vehicle in your ownership, then the cost of repairs and/or replacements can be claimed which leaves the responsibility to compensate in these areas on the side of the defendant.

 damages a catastrophic injury lawyer can pursue on your behalf

Out Of Pocket Costs

It is no secret that the process of going through a court case can be very expensive, with plenty of hidden costs along the way such as travel expenses, legal fees, court filing costs, and more. As part of a personal injury lawsuit, you are able to list these expenses as costs that you want to claim back from the defendant as part of the larger settlement.

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