Can I Claim for Injuries While Working from Home?

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Before you call a California personal injury lawyer, you should know that claiming for a work injury you sustain at home is very difficult. However, if you are working for a large company that has agreed to allow you to work remotely, there is a possibility they have insurance that covers injuries at home. In which case, you may be able to sue for injuries you claim at home.

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The Employer Can Argue That They Are Not Liable

If you are the worker and you agree to work remotely, you are taking on some of the liability for your own safety. For example, if you live in a snake pit, your employer cannot be held liable for you getting bitten by snakes at home.

However, if your job at home requires you to do things that somebody wouldn’t normally do at home, or if you are tasked with using dangerous equipment, then you may be able to sue for injuries you sustain at home.

Suing People Who Work at Home

Let’s say that you are not the person working from home, but you visit somebody who is working from home. Perhaps they are working for themselves or are working for a company. If you are injured because of that home worker, then you may be able to sue both the home worker and the company employing that home worker.

A silly example is if the home worker is testing out T-shirt cannons at home, and fires one at you while you are visiting, then you may sue the person who fired it, and maybe the company employing that person.

Some People Have Sued Home Workers Successfully

Let’s say if you were injured because you took an Uber or Lyft, then your California personal injury lawyer may be able to get you a payout. Not only may you get one from the driver, but you may also be able to sue the company depending on the circumstances.

If somebody is using a home location as a small business without the correct permissions and insurance, then you may be able to sue them too. The reason why your California personal injury lawyer may be successful is that the driver is working on behalf of another company. If you sue somebody who is working at home for themselves, such as if they are making candles, then you may sue them, but your payout is likely to be far less. When somebody is working from home but is working for a large company, then the payouts are often far larger. This is why an accident lawyer should be consulted if you are injured when taking a ride-share journey.

Final Thoughts – It is a Mixed Bag of Trouble

As you have learned, if you are working from home for an employer, it is possible to sue your employer for you being injured at home. As you have also learned, if somebody else is working from home, perhaps within their home, or as a ride-share driver, then you may also sue that person and maybe their employer too. Though the convolutions of such endeavors are always taxing and tricky, so if you have been injured and you want sound advice, then get in touch with Belal Hamideh Law to discuss your options.