Dangerous Bike Lanes: A Cause of Bike Accidents

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Most people go on with their life thinking that a bike accident will never happen to them. Since bike accidents are rare, you may get lucky and not be involved in one. Thousands of people are injured or even killed in bike accidents around the United States every year. In case of an accident, you should contact an injury lawyer in Long Beach.

While most bike accidents involve collisions with motorists, it’s possible to crash and get serious injuries all by yourself. Bikes are particularly susceptible to accidents caused by road hazards. Due to the relative instability of bikes and thin tires, unexpected, abrupt changes in the road surface can end up being a death trap for cyclists.

The state, county, city, or any other public agency responsible for maintaining bike lanes should be held liable in case a bike accident is caused by a road hazard.

Depending on the type of hazard on the road, you can prove liability and get the government to compensate you for injuries and damages caused. Therefore, having knowledge about the steps you can take in case of a bike accident will help you maximize the chances of getting compensation for damages related to your injuries.

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Causes of Bike Accidents in Bike Lanes

Not properly maintained bike lanes become dangerous to cyclists. Potholes, sewer grates, and rail or trolley tracks are some of the causes of bike accidents. Potholes generally occur because of shoddy road fixes that sink or crack once they are done. Long term wear and tear on the road cause the surface to break.

Liability for shoddy temporary repair works that cause potholes will lie with the authority responsible for maintenance and whether or not they provided warning of the hazard. In the case of long term wear and tear of the road, liability will be dependent on the negligence of the authority and how long the pothole was present on the road.

On the other hand, sewer grates pose a serious danger to cyclists, especially if they go in the same direction as traffic. Bike tires stuck between these grates cause serious accidents. If a cyclist gets into an accident because of a sewer grate, the city or county will be liable. It is their duty to provide safe roads for all users.

Rarely used rail tracks present hidden dangers to cyclists, particularly on the roadway in the direction of traffic. They may also pose a danger if they cross the road at a curve or an angle.

A bike wheel caught in the space between the rail and road makes the cyclist crash. When seeking compensation for this, you will have to take into consideration the authority’s action to reduce the hazard.

Getting Help from an Injury Lawyer in Long Beach

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