Is It Worth Getting a Personal Injury Lawyer?

California personal injury lawyer Belal Hamideh can help in a variety of ways. He can help you to get the maximum, best possible settlement for your claims. Should the case go to court, he and his staff can represent you against the insurance companies. Speaking of the insurance companies, they do not have your best interests at heart. Belal Hamideh Law can ensure that you aren’t taken advantage of, getting you what you deserve.

Personal injury cases have to be filed properly within the statute of limitations. Belal Hamideh Law can be by your side every step of the way, potentially expediting your claim. When you’re recovering from a difficult injury, Belal Hamideh Law can take your case and run with it, providing the peace of mind that comes from having trained, experienced professionals on your case.

Why Should You Hire Belal Hamideh as Your Personal Injury Lawyer in California?

We handle all personal injury cases. Additionally, we provide free legal consultations. So, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain by reaching out to us.

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Our California Personal Injury Attorney


We handle all personal injury and workers compensation cases. Our lawyer can help you even if your injury is not severe. We are a top choice because our accident lawyer only handles injury cases. Other lawyers handle all types of cases. This spreads their resources too thin. Our California Injury Lawyer only handles injury cases so that we can maximize our clients’ recovery.

It is important that your attorney is experienced in injury cases. Since our lawyer only handles injury cases, he knows the procedure of an injury case. Furthermore, our accident lawyer is highly knowledgeable about all types of injuries. Each injury affects your lifestyle in different ways. It is important to understand the treatment required for each type of injury. Our lawyer understands how an injury affects your life. Furthermore, our attorney knows what is required to fairly compensate his clients.

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Meet Our Personal Injury Lawyers in California, CA

Belal Hamideh

belal hamideh attorney


Belal Hamideh handles all injury and employment law cases. Attorney Belal Hamideh has handled hundreds of cases. He has a 99% success rate. Through his experience and dedication to success, he has recovered millions of dollars for his clients.

Mr. Hamideh is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles (“UCLA”). He graduated from UCLA with Deans List Distinction. Attorney Hamideh then continued his education at the Pepperdine School of Law. He graduated in the top third of his class.

Mr. Hamideh has been recognized by The American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys (AIOPIA) for exceptional performance and one of the 10 Best Personal Injury Attorneys for
Client Satisfaction.

Hamideh has extern for Federal and State Judges while studying at Pepperdine Law. He began his practice as an injury attorney and continues to practice personal injury law to the present day.

Attorney Hamideh has conducted trials. He goes the distance for his clients to ensure that they receive fair compensation. Moreover, he makes it a priority that his law office provides the best customer service for his clients. He has an experienced and friendly legal staff to assist him in handling his caseload.

Mr. Hamideh handles all cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that he does not charge his clients until he wins their case. For this reason, it is best to hire Attorney Hamideh early on in your case. The cost is the same to the client regardless of when you retain Belal Hamideh as your attorney. However, it is more beneficial for the client to retain Mr. Hamideh from the start of their case. This way your case will be handled correctly from beginning to end.

Belal Hamideh handles cases in all of California. Attorney Hamideh is passionate about all his cases regardless of how large or small the case is. Hamideh ensures to provide all his clients with the assistance they deserve.

Mr. Hamideh returns all client phone calls. He separates himself from other attorneys because he is dedicated to providing the best customer service. Mr. Hamideh is available to provide a free consultation.

Mr. Hamideh has been elected to be part of The National Trial Lawyers: Top 40 under 40. This professional organization is composed of the top trial lawyers from each state or region who are under the age of 40. Membership is extended solely to the select few of the most qualified attorneys from each state who demonstrate superior qualifications of leadership, reputation, influence, stature, and public profile measured by objective and uniformly applied standards in compliance with state bar and national Rule 4-7.


Dawn Ly

dawn ly



Dawn Ly joined the legal team at Belal Hamideh Law in July 2021. She is a civil litigator admitted to practice in California with over 15 years of experience.

She earned her B.A. in English from the University of California, Los Angeles. and her J.D. from UCLA School of Law, which has been consistently ranked as one of the top 20 law schools in the United States.

Her practice focuses on workers’ compensation, personal injury, and employment law, with an emphasis on third-party liability claims (also known as crossover cases).

For example, a client injured in a work-related accident can maintain both a workers’ compensation claim and a personal injury action simultaneously if the accident was negligently caused by a person employed by a different employer.

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Frequently Asked Questions You May Have

What Should I Do If I Was Injured in a Car Accident?

car accident lawyer long beachMake sure that you and anyone else in your vehicle are out of harm’s way. Then, if you’re able to, call the police and the paramedics. They will calm the scene down, evaluate you, and generate police reports. Should you be able, get the information of other drivers involved in the accident. Take pictures and even video with your phone of the damage, road conditions, and more. The more documentation you have relating to the car accident, the better. Talking to witnesses can help as well. Once you take these first steps, we invite you to call our office to see if we can further help your situation.

Can I Sue for a Personal Injury?

Yes. If you believe that another party (someone else) caused your injuries or outside factors contributed to your accident and injury, then you very well might have a case. With many vehicular accidents and the like, liability is shared by multiple parties. If you’re injured in an accident, an attorney can collect evidence and then use it to make your personal injury case.

What Should I Do If I Was Injured at Work?

long beach accident attorneyFirst, make sure you’re out of harm’s way. Report your injury to your employer. Do this as soon as you can. In California, you can receive compensation for injuries suffered while in the course of doing your job. So, you have a right to file a workers’ compensation claim. Additionally, you have the right to see a doctor, pursue medical treatment, and, if you’re unable to work (or to work the same job that you had) you have the right to a form of disability compensation. A workers’ compensation attorney can help you throughout your case, even if your claim is rejected. Our office handles workers compensation cases and can provide you with a free consultation about the case.

Can I Sue My Employer for Firing Me for No Reason?

car accident lawyer long beachYes. If you believe that your employer fired you for an illegal reason, you may have the right to sue. An “illegal reason” could include firing you due to retaliation, your gender, your race, your religion, a disability you might have, and other reasons. If this happens, reaching out to an attorney is your best course of action. Additionally, you’ll want to send documents as well as emails to yourself, take the best notes you can about the specifics of your case, and potentially even reach out to coworkers to see if they have had similar experiences and/or were willing to talk.

Can I Claim Damages as a Passenger in an Accident?

belal hamidehYes. The driver of a vehicle has a “duty of care” to their passengers. This means they have an obligation to be as safe and careful as possible while driving. Indeed, this extends out to the operators of planes, boats, motorcycles, trucks, buses, and more. In fact, passengers rarely are at fault for road traffic accidents. Thus, if you’re injured as a passenger in a vehicular accident, you are most likely entitled to recover the full amount of your damages.

I’m an Immigrant. What are My Rights if I Get Hurt?

belalWhether you’re an immigrant who has been properly documented or otherwise, you have the same right as any other citizen of the United States in terms of suing or making a claim to recover damages for injuries sustained through an accident caused by the negligence and/or recklessness of another party.

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From Our Awesome Clients
bianca k
Bianca K.
I have nothing but great feedback for Mr. Hamideh, I was referred by a close friend and I was guaranteed amazing service. I was very pleased with this lawyer as well as his friendly and professional staff. They went above and beyond to help me understand my case and kept me informed throughout the entire process. He kept me informed of the status of my case. His paralegal Maricela was such a great help they were both always in communications with me. Mr. Hamideh made this a very easy process for me. I would definitely be using Hamideh law in the near future and I highly recommend his services to anyone seeking legal help. He is an exceptional lawyer.
claire a
Claire A.
So I was referred to Belal Hamideh Law by a family member. I was a bit skeptical at first because of how young he looked, but wow he exceeded my expectations. I had a tricky personal injury case and he went above and beyond. He managed to get all of my medical bills covered and there was still a large amount of cash that was leftover even after his fees were taken. Extremely professional and makes you feel like your case is the most important case to him! Very kind and personable, I would definitely recommend him to all of my friends and family!
john c
John C.
I had a workers compensation case. It was a very tough case. No lawyer except Belal Hamideh was willing to help. He was very helpful and friendly from beginning to end. Just settled my case today for a great amount. Highly recommend to anyone who needs help and attention from a lawyer. He never rushed me and never charged me extra for attention. He just took a small fee from the settlement.

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