Belal Hamideh Law Firm Explains Some Reasons Your Claim is Denied

belal hamideh law explains some reasons your claim is denied

Belal Hamideh Law Firm receives several cases about worker’s compensation claim denied. If your claim has been rejected, contact our attorneys right away so we can help you.

No matter how careful you are while performing your duties, there is a huge chance of you getting injured. However, some employers would deny your claim resulting in you receiving Form 104 or the notification of denial.

Reasons for Denied Worker’s Compensation Claims

Now, the question of so many of our clients of Belal Hamideh is, “Why?”

Why was your application denied? You need to read the notification letter. It is from your employer’s insurer. There are several possible reasons your application might be denied.

1. Injury Disputes

You have a legitimate claim if you have been injured while you perform a task for your employer’s benefit. Furthermore, you have a legal claim if you developed a medical condition as a direct result of your job.

One great example of this injury is carpal tunnel syndrome. This condition typically arises to workers in the manufacturing industries. If you have a keyboarding occupation, you are likely to suffer from this medical condition.

Any injury that arises out of employment and occurs while employed should have a legitimate claim. However, if you get injured while commuting to and from work, then this situation is not covered by a worker’s compensation claim. But if you were injured while travelling for business reasons, then you have a legal claim.

In other words, you need to prove that your injury was a direct result of your job. To find out whether or not you have a legal claim, make sure to talk to our worker’s compensation attorney.

belal hamideh law explains some reasons your claim is denied

2. Missed Deadlines

If your injury is the direct result of you performing your job for your employer’s benefits, you need to file a claim as soon as possible. One of the reasons this type of claim is denied is that the complainant failed to file the claim in time.

The law requires filing 7 days after the fifth day of not being able to work as a result of the injury. The statute of limitations is 4 years after the date that your employer learned about your disability.

3. Failed to Meet the Guidelines

Independent contractors cannot apply for a worker’s compensation coverage. If your job is outside of the employer’s control and direction, then it falls under an independent contractor category.

Seamen who are engaged in foreign commerce and salespeople who are working on commission besides in a retail establishment are not covered in this claim.

To find out whether or not your job meets the guidelines of worker’s compensation claim, talk to our lawyer at Belal Hamideh law firm.

Belal Hamideh Law Firm : When to Call a Worker’s Compensation Attorney?

Since worker’s compensation laws are confusing, it is ideal that you consult an attorney who can offer you valuable assistance in resolving your claim. Our attorneys at Belal Hamideh law office are adept at helping injuries workers so they can obtain benefits they deserved.

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