Long Beach employment lawyer

Can I Sue if I am Suspended for Non-Work-Related Social Media Posts?

This topic was brought into the spotlight in early 2021 when Gina Carano was fired by Disney for daring to be a stunning and brave woman who spoke her mind. She made inoffensive remarks on Twitter that had nothing to do with her work or her employer. But she has fired anyway because Disney doesn’t…

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abogado de accidentes

Abogado de Accidentes le Indica qué Hacer como Pasajero en un Accidente

Todo buen abogado de accidentes sabe que los conductores de los vehículos nunca son los únicos afectados. Es muy común que los pasajeros también resulten heridos, sino es que más. Muchos pasajeros en accidentes de tránsito no están al tanto del proceso a seguir si hacen parte de un accidente, por lo que a continuación…

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Longshoreman accident lawyer

Should You Exaggerate Your Pain to a Doctor?

Your Longshoreman accident lawyer is not going to tell you to exaggerate your pain to a doctor. Yet, many people are told, especially by online forums, that exaggerating your pain to a doctor is the only way to win an injury/accident claim these days. To be clear, this article is not telling you to lie…

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abogado de accidentes de bus

Medidas de Seguridad Recomendadas por un Abogado de Accidentes de Bus

Nuestro abogado de accidentes de bus ha visto todo tipo de accidentes, por lo que sabe acerca de las causas de estos. Muchas veces estos son lo que son: accidentes. Pero a veces estos ocurren por culpa de los pasajeros. Para evitar este tipo de cosas, aquí hay ciertas recomendaciones. Contribuyendo a la Seguridad del…

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Longshore accident

Do Pre-Existing Conditions Affect My Injury Claim Payments?

You may have heard of a few Longshore accident claims being denied because the person making the claim had a pre-existing injury. Where it is true that a pre-existing injury may make a claim more difficult to win, it is certainly not the case-killer that the opposing party will have you believe. In fact, there…

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lesión personal

Busque a un Abogado Tras una Lesión Personal a Causa de un Accidente

Las lesiones personales, especialmente cuando hacen parte de un accidente, pueden ser bastante invasivas en cuanto a sus consecuencias, por lo que siempre es bueno contar con la ayuda de un abogado de accidentes que sepa sobre lo mucho que puede lo afectar una lesión personal. Para lidiar con estas consecuencias, después de todo, usted…

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Long Beach Uber accident lawyer

Can I Sue Taxi And Uber Drivers for Injuries During Accidents?

The fact is that you can sue just about anybody. You can’t always win, but even the most unwinnable cases have seen shocking turns, such as when somebody successfully sued McDonald’s because their coffee was too hot. The truth is that you can easily get in touch with your Long Beach Uber accident lawyer today…

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Long Beach LYFT accident lawyer

Can I Claim for Injuries While Working from Home?

Before you call a Long Beach personal injury lawyer, you should know that claiming for a work injury you sustain at home is very difficult. However, if you are working for a large company that has agreed to allow you to work remotely, there is a possibility they have insurance that covers injuries at home….

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long beach personal injury attorney

Long Beach Personal Injury Attorney Takes Care of Your Injury Case

Personal injuries refer to any sort of harm done to the body, the mind, or the emotions of a particular person. Now, when it comes to dealing with the consequences of injuries such as these, it’s important to take into account the long term effects. Let’s take a closer look at how a Long Beach…

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personal injury law firm

Our Personal Injury Law Firm Helps You With Your Injury Cases

When it comes to injuries, regardless of their size or scope, you will almost always have to deal with unpleasant consequences. Whether you have to front medical bills or miss time at work, there are going to be unfortunate repercussions. Our personal injury law firm will be able to guide you through this ensuing process…

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