Are You Involved in an Employment-related Dispute? Hire an LA Employment Lawyer

LA employment lawyer

Employment lawyers handle a variety of employment-related issues such as workplace discrimination, wrongful termination and contract violations. Employment law can be complex and hiring a lawyer will help you determine whether your rights as an employee have been violated. 

You need to contact a LA Employment Lawyer as soon as you are aware of an issue as a delay could prevent you from recovering damages. Employers are able to commit any unlawful actions that put their employees at a disadvantage.

LA employment lawyer










Knowledge of specific state law

Employment law is state-specific which means you need to hire an attorney who is familiar with employment law within a specific state. For example, if you file a case in LA, you will need an LA employment lawyer. Employment law terminology can be difficult to understand and a lawyer can help to explain the terminology used in your employment contract. 

Knowing how employers can violate the law

Have you been discriminated against or harassed by your employer? Were you illegally terminated by your employer? Did your employer force you to sign a contract waiving your privileges? Has your employer violated a federal law created for your protection? There may be some aspect of federal law you are not familiar with that your employer has violated. 

Specific Requirements for Filing Claims

Failing to file a claim within the required time period or going through each step in the right order can result in the loss of a case. Thoroughly and accurately preparing documents and filing them within the correct time period is a critical part of a successful claim process. Missing a deadline or incorrectly filling in documents could blow your chances of compensation.

Employers have Lawyers

Employers have lawyers and they won’t take you seriously if you want to hold them accountable and you don’t have an attorney. Their attorneys are likely to try to convince you that you do not have a valid claim and your lack of knowledge of the law could prevent you from standing up to them. When employers often have an entire legal team to defend them, you need an attorney on your side to help you protect your rights. 

Your Lawyer will Fight for your Rights

An LA employment attorney is used to standing up against insurance companies and fighting for the rights of clients. You may be intimidated when it comes to uncomfortable confrontations and negotiations. 

Trying to do it on your own can prevent you from receiving the compensation you deserve. Having the skillset and experience to stand up to any bullying is crucial to getting the best results. 

Contact an Employment Attorney

Any legal conflict between an employer and an employee requires the knowledge of an experienced LA labor attorney. An initial free consultation with an attorney can help you to understand whether you have a case or not. Contact Belal Hamideh at (562) 526-1224 and you will not only find out what options you have but find an experienced lawyer to represent your interests in a legal dispute.