An Elder Abuse Lawyer: Seeking Justice On Your Behalf

elder abuse lawyer

Has someone dear to you suffered abuse in a nursing home? Did your parents or relatives endure harm or neglect from those entrusted with their professional care? If you suspect there’s even a possibility this occurred, it’s worth reaching out to an experienced attorney. Belal Hamideh, a long-time elder abuse lawyer, can help you and yours through this challenging time. 

How Can You Identify Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect?

In a nursing home, your loved one deserves a safe and healthy environment. If the services or level of care provided compromise their safety or well-being, it constitutes nursing home abuse. Regardless of intent, whether intentional or unintentional, abuse can manifest physically, emotionally, or financially.

Nursing homes, assisted living facilities, caregivers, and various forms of elder care are designed to offer the elderly the care they deserve. Unfortunately, the vulnerable nature of the elderly makes them susceptible to abuse from those meant to assist them. Whether the harm was intentional or due to negligence we can help you to get justice. 

If any suspicion arises regarding your loved one’s care, it is essential to consult professionals promptly.

The Different Kinds of Nursing Home Abuse 

Physical abuse often leaves visible signs such as injuries, unexplained bruises, impairments, dehydration, or bedsores. Emotional abuse, though not readily visible, may surface through unexplained mood swings or significant changes in behavior, resulting from intimidation, fear tactics, or humiliation by nursing home staff.

Financial abuse, a more insidious form, occurs when staff exploits your loved one for personal gain or steals their belongings. Sudden and unexplained changes in legal documentation, powers of attorney, wills, and financial activities may indicate such abuse. Complaints about care or reluctance to participate in facility activities are common signs as well.

Regardless of the cause, your loved one should not endure such mistreatment. Whether due to understaffing, unqualified personnel, or any other reason, the nursing home may be liable for neglect or abuse, and we are here to help you seek the compensation your loved one deserves.

Recognizing Elder Abuse and Neglect

Identifying signs of elder abuse can be challenging, as they may be misconstrued as symptoms of frailty or dementia. Clear indicators include unusual sprains, dislocations, or broken bones, as well as rope marks or welts appearing symmetrically on the body. Changes in weight, dirty living conditions, or unsanitary environments are red flags of neglect or abuse.

Proving Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect

A comprehensive approach is employed to establish abuse or neglect, involving trusted medical professionals to evaluate the loved one, medical records, and facility conditions. Expert opinions on the standard of care and the circumstances leading to the incident form a basis for building a strong case.

elder abuse lawyer

Experienced Elder Abuse Lawyer 

When entrusting your loved one to a care facility, their safety and well-being should be prioritized. Taking legal action not only safeguards your loved one but may prevent future harm to others. 

Belal Hamideh is here to support you through this challenging process, ensuring you receive the compensation and justice your loved one deserves. If you suspect abuse, don’t hesitate to reach out to an experienced Elder Abuse Lawyer who has successfully tackled nursing home cases.