An Accident Lawyer in California Suggests How to Avoid Traffic Collisions

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“It takes two to make an accident” has been immortalized in literature by F. Scott Fitzgerald. We could get into the thematic resonance of the phrase in the book and why it’s proven false by the end of the novel, but we are here to discuss real-life accidents. And just like the characters later found out, no, it doesn’t take two people to make an accident. It only takes one. You don’t exactly have much control if someone else is that person, but you can definitely do your best not to contribute to the accident yourself. Here is an accident lawyer in California’s few tips on how you can help prevent traffic collisions.

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Driver Safety

When it comes to your role as a driver in preventing accidents, most of it is pretty self-explanatory. Follow traffic guidelines, never drive after drinking, and avoid distractions. Three principles are often recognized as being in control of the vehicle, aware of its size and capabilities, reading and reacting to the conditions of the road, the weather, and the environment, and being alert in regard to the behavior of other drivers. These don’t just translate into being a good driver. A driver cannot be overconfident about their own driving abilities, meaning that they must always be making an effort rather than mindlessly driving by habit. There must be a conscious effort on the part of the driver to avoid distractions (including electronic devices), respect speed limits, and pay attention to the vehicles around them.

Passenger Safety

Drivers are not the only ones that can be responsible for traffic collisions. In fact, passengers can just as easily cause an accident if they are not being careful. Passengers can distract the driver, making an accident much more likely, as well as startle or inconvenience them in a way that can disrupt the driver significantly. As a passenger, a person should do whatever they can to keep the driver from causing an accident. This means not forcing them to look at something specific, helping them with navigational equipment, allowing them to concentrate when most necessary, and avoid loud or sudden noises and motions that could significantly distract them. You are not at the wheel, but you can still influence it if you’re not being careful.

Exercising General Caution

In general, it’s not just about drivers avoiding distraction. It is, after all, important to be aware of the driving conditions and to be confident in one’s own actions. If it’s raining, for example, you need to reduce the speed you drive at due to limited visibility and wet pavement. If you are driving down a curving road, avoid passing other vehicles and be careful at the time of making turns. It’s all about responding to your environment, so pay attention to more than just the other drivers. That’s not to say you shouldn’t pay attention to them, though, since you can’t control or predict when another driver will cause an accident. Be ready to respond if need be.

Accident Lawyer in California

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