After A Car Accident, Find A Compensation Lawyer

car accident lawyer

California has some great and exciting roads, and lots of people enjoy driving through it every day. While most of them are able to follow the rules and the road, there are others who are not able to obey simple instructions, and who cause car accidents. With hundreds of thousands of people travelling every day on our roads, it is inevitable that these accidents occur. When you have been unlucky enough to be a victim of this type of accident, you deserve the help of a specialist car accident lawyer who can make sure that you get the compensation that you are entitled to. Belal Hamideh Law are here to assist you with every step of the claim.

 car accident lawyer

Who Is at Fault?

The most difficult part of settling any type of car accident compensation claim is to decide who is legally at fault. For example, a driver may not have been careless, and the accident could be caused by somebody striking them and forcing their car into yours. They may have a vehicle with some defect that has triggered the accident or at least contributed to it. However, the majority of car accidents are down to driver error, either speeding, distracted driving or driving under the influence. All of these incidents can result in an impact on your vehicle, and a serious personal injury. Your vehicle may also have been seriously damaged during the accident, and you will have to make a claim for that as well. You can discuss all of this with the experienced team at our law firm.

Making A Claim

If it is clear that someone other than you is responsible for the accident which resulted in your injuries, then you will need a take step and ensure that they are sued as far as possible through the court system. You may be required to do so by your insurance firm, as they attempt to find a way to recover the compensation payment that they have already paid out to you. You may also be encouraged by those around you, I believe that you can get a better compensation package, and ensure that you are capable of getting all of the treatment that you might need in order to fully recover from your injuries, as well as a full compensation package to ensure that you are able to buy another car of a similar type to the damaged one.

Let us Help You Make A Claim

Do you need assistance with making a claim against the opposite party in the aftermath of a car accident? If you are hoping to receive compensation for injuries or loss of earnings, then you might want to consider hiring a specialist car accident lawyer like the team at Belal Hamideh Law. We can help you to make the best claim possible for your needs, so seek assistance today by reaching out to us through our contact form, or by calling us at (562) 526-1224 now.