A Workman’s Compensation Attorneys in California: Falling Accidents at Work

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No matter what job you have, your employer should protect you against any slip and fall accident. If you think that your employer played down your fall accident, make sure to talk to a workman’s compensation attorneys in California. In that way, you will know what options you can have.

Workman’s Compensation Attorneys in California: Slip and Falls

They are common in the workplace. Most employees do not report the accident to their employers. The reason for this is that they only sustained minor injuries.

But our workman’s compensation attorney in California recommends reporting the accident to the employer, no matter how minor it is. Keep in mind that a minor injury can become a more significant injury with time. And if you waited too long to report, your request for a workman’s compensation might be denied.

Even though your employer has implemented several safety practices in your workplace, falls and slips can still happen. A simple tip or a major fall can still result in injury. There is no difference. Hence, every case must be treated equally regardless of how severe the injury was.

Often, these accidents would lead to a legal case because of employers’ negligence. If you follow the appropriate protocol that our worker’s compensation lawyer provided, you are likely to win your case. That is, the court will order your employer to pay your medical costs related to your work injuries.

workman’s compensation attorneys in California

What to Do after the Accident?

1. Seek Immediate Medical Treatment

Your first course of action is to file a workman’s compensation claim. Then, get medical treatment immediately. Even if it is just a minor bump or small bruise, you need to file a claim and seek a professional examination.

Reporting the accident, no matter how minor it is, will provide you with a paper trail. In case the minor injury turns to be a significant injury, you have substantial evidence that you were involved in an accident while at work.

Furthermore, it is your employer’s obligation to pay for your medical costs after the slip or fall accident. Since the accident happened in the employer’s property, you are covered under the worker’s compensation law.

2. Document It

In some cases, documenting the incident might not be possible. For example, if you slipped and fell and an ambulance took you to the hospital, every worker in your office knows about your injury.

However, you must still fill out the proper records for your employer. In that way, you have the proper documents to present when the right time comes for you to collect the money owed to you.

When documenting the incident, make sure to write about the place where the accident happened and what caused it. You must also take note of the actions you did before you slipped and fell. Then, write down the exact date and time when it happened. If there are witnesses, you should note their names as well.

3. Talk to a Lawyer

Most workers who got injured at work skipped hiring a lawyer because they thought it was not necessary. Plus, they are worried about the expenses.

However, at Belal Hamideh, our lawyers will not charge you anything if they did not win your case. Plus, the law office offers a free consultation. Call our workman’s compensation attorneys in California today to know how you can proceed with your case: (562) 526-1224.