A Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Explains These Injury Cases

catastrophic injury lawyer

When we discuss workplace injuries, there are a few categories in which these are divided in order to better address the specific consequences they might have on the worker. This allows the workers’ compensation attorney to better gauge what the objective of the case is going to be and what their client will need throughout. This is why, in cases of catastrophic injuries occurring at work, it will be preferable for a catastrophic injury lawyer to handle the case, understanding the consequences of this kind of injury and providing more comprehensive legal counsel to their client. But how do you know if this is the kind of case you are dealing with?

Defining a Catastrophic Injury

The American Medical Association defines a catastrophic injury as a severe injury to the spine, spinal cord, or brain, as well as skull or spinal fractures. Legally, this is the definition often invoked in relevant cases, along with the three categories in which the National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research classifies these injuries according to outcome. These categories are:

  • Fatality,
  • Permanent severe functional disability, and
  • Severe head or neck trauma with no permanent disability

It’s also important to know that these injuries can be both direct or indirect, depending on the circumstances.

  • A direct injury that’s catastrophic can be the result of trauma sustained during an activity.
  • An indirect injury can come as a result of systemic failure caused by an activity, such as heat illness, dehydration, hyponatremia, or cardiovascular conditions. 

When Do You Have a Catastrophic Injury Case in Your Hands?

The field in which these catastrophic injuries are the most visible is in the sports world, which is why definitions for the term are often dictated by sports health authorities. These are, after all, fairly common in the world of wrestling, boxing, or playing football. However, these injuries are just as present in regular workplace environments, they are just less talked about. These can just as easily take place in the workplace, particularly when a person’s job involves heavy machinery, extensive physical activity, or risky environments. That’s not to mention the everyday instances (such as accidents) in which catastrophic injuries can take place. Regardless of the circumstances of the injury, it will be very important that the injured worker finds a catastrophic injury lawyer who can make sure they receive proper compensation for it.

catatrosphic injury lawyer

Finding a Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Not only are these injuries dangerously harmful, but they are also very pervasive in their effects, affecting your finances, your health, and your job. In order to properly navigate a complicated case such as one regarding a catastrophic injury, it will be very important for a worker to have the right guide throughout. And here, at Belal Hamideh, we want to make sure that you end up receiving the compensation that you ultimately deserve. Our catastrophic injury lawyer is ready to take a look at your case and determine how he can help you. Just give him a call at (562) 526-1224 or reach out through the contact form on our website and you’ll be able to schedule a free consultation.