Wrongful Death Lawyer for Pasadena

Losing a loved one due to another’s actions is an unimaginable pain. Nothing makes up for that loss.  If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, where someone else’s negligence or recklessness led to the untimely demise of a cherished family member, you might be entitled to compensation to ease the burden, even if it can never truly fill the void left by your loss. Belal Hamideh, wrongful death lawyer for Pasadena and the surrounding area can help. 

If you believe that you may have lost your loved one due to another’s actions, you very well may have a case. During a free case evaluation, Belal can let you know about your case as well as how he can help. Hablamos Espanol. 

Wrongful Death Explained 

In the state of California, a wrongful death is legally defined as a fatality resulting from the wrongful actions of another person. This wrongful act could encompass a wide range of behaviors, from negligence to recklessness, and in some cases, intentional actions. If the circumstances surrounding your loved one’s passing involved any of these factors, you may have grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit. To determine the viability of your case, seeking the counsel of a knowledgeable attorney is essential.

How is Wrongful Death Proven? 

Proving a wrongful death case necessitates demonstrating four key elements. Firstly, you must establish that the defendant’s actions, be they negligent, reckless, or careless, directly contributed to the death of your loved one. The defendant need not be entirely responsible; partial culpability is sufficient for a valid case. 

Secondly, you must show that the defendant had a duty of care towards the victim, which they breached. This breach could be as straightforward as a doctor failing to heal a patient or a driver disregarding traffic laws, resulting in a fatal accident. 

Thirdly, it must be proven that the defendant’s actions were the direct cause of the victim’s death. Finally, you need to demonstrate the tangible damages incurred as a result of the death, encompassing medical expenses, funeral costs, lost income, and the immeasurable pain and suffering experienced by the surviving family members.

Wrongful Death Compensation 

Determining the financial compensation in wrongful death cases is complex and varies greatly based on the unique circumstances of each case. There is no fixed average for these settlements, as the value of a lost loved one is immeasurable. Consequently, wrongful death cases often yield some of the highest compensation figures in the realm of personal injury law. 

To evaluate the potential worth of your case, consulting with an experienced wrongful death attorney is invaluable. Belal Hamideh, with his years of expertise, can provide valuable insights into the potential compensation you might receive and can aggressively pursue every avenue to ensure you receive the full extent of what you deserve.

How Can a Wrongful Death Attorney Help? 

A seasoned wrongful death attorney serves as an invaluable advocate during this trying time. Not only can they handle the intricacies of your case, alleviating one source of stress, but their experience can also prove invaluable in securing the compensation you rightfully deserve. Beyond representing you, they can adeptly argue for non-economic damages, such as loss of companionship, consortium, guidance, protection, and more. These intangible losses, although immeasurable, are nonetheless significant and deserving of compensation.

Belal Hamideh: Wrongful Death Lawyer for Pasadena 

The aftermath of losing a loved one due to someone’s negligent actions is an overwhelming and emotionally draining experience. While no legal recourse can erase the pain, a dedicated attorney like Belal Hamideh can make the journey toward justice more manageable. Through aggressive representation and compassionate support, he can help you navigate the legal complexities, ensuring you receive the maximum compensation for the immense hardships you have endured.

If you find yourself facing the devastating aftermath of a wrongful death caused by someone else’s negligence, do not face this battle alone. Belal and the team here can provide the guidance and support necessary to seek justice for your loved one and pave the way toward a more stable future. 

As Belal works on contingency, you won’t have to pay for anything out of your own pocket right now. Instead, your payment will come out of your eventual settlement. To schedule a case evaluation, message us through our site or call.