Workers’ Compensation Attorney In California

workers compensation attorney in california

Were you injured while working? Did you get hurt on the job? If so, an experienced workers’ compensation attorney in California can help you to recover maximum compensation. Over the years, Belal Hamideh has been able to help workers in a wide variety of industries to receive workers compensation, even if they had previously been denied. Now, he can do the same for you. 

Having a workers’ compensation lawyer by your side increases your chances of getting all the compensation you’re entitled to. The right workers’ compensation lawyer will be uncompromising in negotiations with the insurance company, aiming to secure as many benefits as possible for you. Remember: the goal of insurance companies is to pay as little as possible to those injured on the job.

A workers’ compensation lawyer can connect you with medical professionals, which aids in your recovery from injuries without the need for out-of-pocket expenses. Moreover, a lawyer can amass compelling medical evidence that corroborates your claim and, if necessary, represent you at a workers’ compensation hearing.

What to Do If You’re Hurt at Work: 

There’s no real way to prepare for being hurt at work. But, in the event you are injured on the job, there are some steps you can take to protect your health as well as your eventual workers compensation case. You should: 

Get out of harm’s way. Ensure your safety. Should you be able to document the situation, take photos, speak to witnesses, etc. Only do so if you can safely. 

Once you’re OK, report what happened to your employer. Even if you don’t think you’re injured, report it. Why? Because you may have internal injuries you’re unaware of. 

Hopefully, you aren’t injured, and instead, this accident motivates your employer to introduce more rigorous safety measures.

Seek medical attention. Do it as soon as possible. After you’ve done all of that, get in touch with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney in California.

What is Workers’ Compensation in California? 

If you are injured in a work-related accident in California, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries. That’s true even if the accident could potentially be considered “your fault.” Specifically, you may be entitled to:

Temporary Disability Benefits. If your doctor advises you not to work and/or your current employer cannot offer suitable accommodations based on your injury, you could receive a certain percentage of your average weekly earnings.

Rehabilitation Voucher. If your doctor establishes that you have permanent work restrictions, you may be given a voucher worth up to six thousand dollars.

Reimbursement for Mileage Expenses. If you need consistent transportation following an accident, you may be entitled to reimbursement for the mileage. 

A Future Medical Care Settlement. If there are future medical payments related to your injuries, you could receive compensation for them. 

Permanent Disability Settlement. If your disability interferes with your ability to perform standard work tasks or other jobs going forward, you are entitled to compensation. 

Belal will work with you to let you know exactly what your claim is worth as well as how we can help. 

What is the Difference Between a Workers’ Compensation and a Personal Injury Case? 

The primary distinction between the two, regarding damages, is that in a personal injury case, you are entitled to recover all of the damages for your suffering. In a workers’ compensation case, you cannot recover damages for “pain and suffering.”

You can, however, claim permanent disability benefits, reimbursement for transport and medical costs, rehabilitation, lost wages, weekly compensation, and so forth. But, that’s all you can claim. 

In a personal injury claim, your damages might include compensation for diminished earning capacity, lost earnings, permanent impairment, future medical expenses, as well as pain and suffering, loss of life enjoyment, and much more. 

All of this having been said, you may have a “crossover case.” 

Crossover Cases/Third-Party Liability Claims Explained 

In these you can recover compensation in addition to workers’ compensation. This extra compensation would come from another party that was negligent or reckless. More often than not, in cases like this, the responsibility for your accident at the workplace falls on someone other than your employer.

You shouldn’t have to figure this all out on your own. The right attorney can guide you in suing all those responsible for your injury, ensuring you receive maximum possible compensation.

Won’t I Get Fired for Claiming Workers’ Compensation? 

No. Absolutely not. If your employer were to fire you for filing a workers compensation claim, it would be illegal. In California, you are protected by the California Fair Employment Housing Act (“FEHA”) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA.”)

Now, unfortunately, it does happen sometimes. Of course, employers never admit to firing someone because they claimed a workers’ comp accident; instead, they make an excuse.

Should you be injured at work and fired for filing a claim, we will advocate for a penalty of $10,000 plus back pay immediately. 

If you think that you have been fired, suspended, or demoted as retaliation for filing for workers’ compensation, you should consult an attorney without delay. 

When Should I File for Workers’ Compensation? 

The sooner the better. Workers’ compensation claims must be filed within one year of your work injury.

If it has been more than a year, you may yet be able to file your claim. Regardless, we will support you in every way possible. Filing earlier beats filing later, as the other party does not wait; they begin work as soon as possible. Also, the sooner you hire an attorney, the sooner you could get the compensation you deserve.

You have thirty days from the accident to inform your employer about any injury you sustained. This underscores why it’s crucial to seek medical attention immediately.

Why Should You Hire Belal Hamideh as Your Workers Compensation Attorney?

Over the years, we’ve aided numerous clients in your current situation to obtain all the compensation they were entitled to for their injuries.

We have a proven track record of challenging the insurance companies and helping our clients to receive the compensation they deserve. 

Additionally, we don’t charge you unless we win. Even then, our fees are taken from your compensation.

From the start of your free case evaluation, we’ll inform you precisely what kind of case you have and what you can expect, in terms of compensation, the timeline, the process, and more.

To schedule a free case evaluation with Belal, message us through our site or call.