How to File a Claim With Mercury Insurance

Were you hurt in a recent accident? Is your provider Mercury Insurance? Essentially no matter which metric you go by, Mercury Insurance is one of the biggest providers in both California as well as the United States. If you were hurt in an accident and they’re your provider, you should contact them. However, if you were hurt in an accident and the other party is insured by Mercury Insurance, then we may be able to help. Belal Hamideh, a car accident attorney in Long Beach, and the rest of the team here can help you to recover all of the compensation you deserve. 

To recover compensation for damages suffered in an accident in Long Beach, the accident doesn’t have to be entirely the other party’s fault. Even if they were only partially at fault for the accident, you can recover compensation. In fact, that’s one of the ways we can help: we can determine all of the parties responsible for your accident. To learn more, we encourage you to reach out to us today for a free case evaluation. 

Mercury Insurance: What to Do After an Accident if They’re Your Carrier 

Contact Mercury Insurance within 24 hours of your accident if they’re your insurance provider. You can do so by submitting a claim online through their site or you can give them a call at (800 503-3724. 

We do recommend contacting other parties after your accident but before reaching out to Mercury Insurance. Specifically, from the accident site, contact the police. They can help in multiple ways, not the least of which is generating a police report which could become invaluable during your case. 

Receive medical attention from professionals as well. All too often, someone in an accident believes they suffered no injuries, only for internal injuries and worse to manifest later. The sooner you receive medical care, even if it’s only an examination, the sooner you can begin the path to recovery (as well as rule out subsequent worsening injuries). 

Additionally, at the accident site, of course, there is certain information you want to get from the other party. Their name, their address, their insurance provider, insurance number, license plate, and more. Any conversation with them should be cordial yet to the point, only including necessary information (without any speculating, guessing, and so forth). 

Document the accident site as well if you can: take pictures of damage, etc. This can help later as well. Once you’ve done everything mentioned here, then we recommend that you reach out to us for a free case evaluation. From there, we can help. 


While Speaking to Someone from Mercury Insurance 

The best method for talking to your insurance carrier (whether it’s Mercury or anyone else) is to maintain a cordial tone. Just tell them what happened, no exaggeration, nothing that you’re guessing about or didn’t directly experience. 

Your goal when speaking to them is to let them know what happened without potentially jeopardizing your potential case in any way. Give them the information that you gleaned from the other driver/involved parties. 

It’s unlikely that someone from Mercury Insurance will want a recorded statement. However, in the event that they do, you can cooperate and give it to them. We don’t recommend that, however. Indeed, it’s one more reason that we encourage people who have been injured in an accident to reach out to us for a free case evaluation. 

When we take your case, you don’t have to deal with the insurance companies anymore. Instead, we’ll do it for you, on your behalf. As such, we negotiate for you, help you to get your maximum compensation, and so forth. In fact, after you’ve completed medical treatment, we’ll provide them with all of the pertinent accident and injury information in the settlement demand, too. 


What to Do If the Other Driver’s Insurance Company Contacts You 

If you’ve been reached out to by someone from Mercury Insurance and you don’t have Mercury Insurance, then it stands to reason that the other driver has Mercury Insurance. It’s important to keep in mind why someone from Mercury Insurance would be calling you in this context. 

They’re doing so because they want to make the case better for their client. They want to minimize the liability of the party they insure or even make it so that they aren’t liable at all. By doing so, Mercury Insurance will make it so that they have to pay little compensation if any at all. They have several methods of doing so. 

For example, they might try to get you to accept a lowball offer, one that’s far below what your case could potentially be worth. Additionally, they could try to get you to say that the accident was your fault in any way whatsoever, even to insinuate it. Of course, one of their most common methods is to marshall all of their resources, from attorneys, to investigators, and more, to make it so that you get very little indeed. 

We can keep that from happening. Instead of talking to the other insurance company, talk to us. If you schedule a free case evaluation, we can lay out your options for how you can best proceed. 


Underinsured/Uninsured Drivers: What You Should Do After an Accident 

Unfortunately, even today, some drivers go out on the road in violation of California’s laws about driving without insurance. Despite it being illegal, some drivers persist. When you’re injured in an accident involving one of these drivers, it can be a challenge. That said, we can still help you to recover compensation for your injuries. 

Firstly, many insurance plans, whether from Mercury Insurance or others, include underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage. What you do then, if you’re injured by one of these drivers, is to file a claim with your insurance company. 

However, if Mercury Insurance is your provider, then you may find that they make it difficult to get the compensation that you deserve. When you try to collect on that insurance, they could make it a challenge for you. Here, too, we can help. We can negotiate on your behalf to help you to recover the compensation you deserve in this context as well. 


Schedule a Free Case Evaluation With Belal Hamideh Car Accident Attorney in Long Beach 

Mercury Insurance, as one of the largest insurance carriers in California or anywhere else, can be intimidating to take on. They have all of the resources imaginable, decades of experience, and much more. When you’re recovering from an injury, it’s understandable if the last thing you want to do is to reach out to an attorney. However, we can help you in a variety of ways. 

Belal and the team can guide you through the entire process, from initial case evaluation through successful resolution. Along the way, we can negotiate on your behalf aggressively, keeping communication open so that you know how the case is going throughout. For a free case evaluation to start the process, call us or message us through our site.