How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help With a Dog Bite Case

Dog Bite Case

Were you bit and injured by someone’s dog? Did a dog get off of a leash and knock you or someone you love down, causing an injury? Dogs can enhance a person’s life in so many ways, yet, if someone can’t control their dog and this leads to the injury of another, something must be done. Belal Hamideh, personal injury attorney can help, representing you as aggressively as possible. There are multiple ways that he can put his experience with dog bite cases to work for you. 

Find Who’s Liable 

Due to “strict liability” laws, the owner of a dog is liable for any injury that a dog causes. So, if you’re out for a walk and a dog gets off of its leash, biting and injuring you, the owner is liable. The owner is liable even in a scenario where the dog has been put in someone else’s care at the moment you were injured. So, dog sitters, caretakers, and the like won’t be liable for your injury – the owner will be. Belal and the team here can put together the best, most compelling case on your behalf. 

The Right Compensation for Your Injury 

When you sit down with Belal for a free case evaluation, the “level” of your dog bite will most likely be discussed. At Level One, the dog didn’t bite you, but did scratch you, cut you, etc. Level Two, the dog bit you but not so hard as to puncture your skin. At Level Three, the dog did puncture your skin, leaving up to four puncture marks. Then, at Level Four, the dog not only bites into your skin but shakes its head, bruising and maybe even tearing your flesh. Level Five isn’t just about one dog bite, but several, with multiple punctures. At Level Six, the dog’s bite has resulted in death. No matter how you were attacked, we can help. 

Help With Every Aspect of the Case 

Many don’t reach out to an attorney after being bit and injured by a dog because they have a previous relationship with the owner of the dog. Perhaps the owner is a friend, colleague, or even family member. It’s important to note that your compensation would not come out of their bank account, but rather, from their insurance. So, you can pursue your case and receive the compensation you deserve without fear of “taking money” from someone you know. 

Dog Bite Case

A Personal Injury Attorney to Turn An Injury Into a Victory 

Dog bites can be particularly damaging injuries for many reasons, not the least of which is that they’re often more than just the initial bite: the wound could get infected, the dog may be ill, and more. If you were bit by a dog when you were somewhere you were allowed to be, you very well may have a case. Belal Hamideh and the team here can help. To schedule a free case evaluation, message us through our site or call.