What to Do After Truck Accident ?

Being embroiled in a truck accident may leave you wounded and likely in a state of shock. It’s only human to be swamped by the physical pain, mental pressure, monetary challenges, and other hardships that an accident inevitably brings. What you need is a trusted companion to guide you through the comprehensive legal journey, ensuring that the resolution of your case works in your favor. Here are a few critical actions to take in the immediate wake of a truck accident:

Alert the Authorities.

Regardless of how trivial the accident appears or even if no apparent injuries have been sustained, it’s imperative to notify the police. Complications can materialize with time, manifesting damage to both you and your vehicle. The police will then document a report, which stands as essential evidence in support of your claim.

Pursue Medical Assistance.

Post-accident, you may feel as if you’ve come out unscathed. However, unseen internal injuries could possibly be there, lying dormant. Consulting a medical professional for a check-up and recording that you sought medical attention can significantly strengthen your claim following an accident.

Gather Evidence, if Physically Capable.

If incapacitated or still in danger, prioritize your safety above gathering evidence. However, if you can mobilize, capturing pictures of your physical injuries and vehicular damage is incredibly beneficial. Documenting any environmental evidence that may vanish with time, like skid marks or wreckage to adjacent structures, is also advisable.

Acquire the Other Party’s Details.

If circumstance permits, obtain the contact and insurance information of the other participant. In the case of multiple parties being involved, gather everyone’s details. It’s also beneficial to engage with any witnesses and collect their contact information.

Reach Out to a Trucking Accidents Lawyer 

The faster you contact us, the sooner we can dedicate our resources towards fighting for your rights. We aim to ensure that you are provided everything that you’re entitled to and more.

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How an Experienced Truck Accident Attorney Can Help 


Being involved in a truck accident can be a life-altering event that may leave you feeling vulnerable and uncertain about the future. The physical, emotional and financial burden can be overwhelming, but fret not, a competent and dedicated California truck accident attorney can be your rock during this challenging ordeal. The sheer enormity of commercial trucks, which can weigh up to 80,000 pounds when loaded to capacity, often leads to catastrophes far more destructive than regular car accidents. Availing the services of a truck accident lawyer can provide you with the help you need to locate medical care, and fiercely safeguard your rights without the burden of immediate costs.

For decades, Belal Hamideh Law has stood as a beacon of hope for clients like you, securing the maximum compensation you rightfully deserve. We consider it a privilege to serve Californians and pledge our unwavering commitment towards our clients throughout the golden state. Our ultimate goal? Delivering the best possible outcomes for our esteemed clients, ensuring they obtain every bit of what they deserve for their pain and suffering. We are always one call or click away, offering free consultations to anyone who finds themselves in need of legal advice after such a harrowing incident.

You may now wonder, what are the pervasive reasons behind truck accidents?

Truck accidents can stem from a multitude of causes. Let’s delve into some common ones:

  1. Fatigue: It’s not uncommon for truck drivers to push themselves beyond their limits, sometimes under duress from their employers, driving for more hours than is legally permissible. This can cause slowed reaction times, suboptimal decision-making abilities, or even lead to them dozing off while driving.
  2. Excessive Speed: Deadlines are often tight for truck drivers. Given the size of the vehicles they maneuver, they require substantial road space and time to brake, slow down, and come to a halt.
  3. Distracted Driving: Surprisingly, truck drivers are not impervious to distractions. Texting, eating, or engaging in any other distracting activity while driving can result in a fatal crash.
  4. Driving Under the Influence: Alarmingly, some truck drivers do succumb to drugs or alcohol, impairing their ability to drive safely.
  5. Poorly Maintained Truck: Failing to maintain their vehicles properly, for instance, neglecting the brakes, tires, wheels, and steering systems, can initiate an accident.
  6. Truck Defects: Defects in the manufacturing process of the vehicle present an unforeseen and often overlooked risk, leading to more accidents than one might realize.
  7. Incorrect Loading: Overlooking something as basic as incorrect loading of cargo, such as unsecured, overweight, or loose containers, can result in an accident.
  8. Adverse weather: Weather conditions like snow, ice, heavy winds, and even rain can trigger deadly accidents.

Regardless of the cause of your truck accident, if the responsibility lies with the other party, we pledge to fight tooth and nail to protect your best interests.

Approaching Truck Accidents and Their Aftermath: A Guide

A truck collision is a disturbing event that can leave you disoriented, wounded or even in a state of utter shock. It’s only too reasonable that you might feel overpowered by the pain, emotional stress or financial liability that such a tragedy can entail. As your legal allies, we are here to guide you through each phase of the legal journey, right from the initiation to the resolution, ensuring that you obtain the most favorable results. However, there are some immediate actions you should consider in the wake of a truck mishap.

Always Summon the Police

Regardless of the perceived severity of the accident, whether it appears insignificant or even if there seem to be no apparent injuries, it is essential to notify the police. In time, damage to your vehicle or yourself may emerge. An official police report can serve as crucial evidence supporting your claim.

Medical Intervention is Key

Post-accident, prioritize seeking professional medical assistance even if you feel wholly unaffected or have no visible injuries. It is a real possibility that you may have sustained internal wounds unbeknownst to you. Securing proof of medical care can significantly enhance your accident claim.

Collate Evidence When Possible

In scenarios where an individual is immobilized or in danger, prioritizing safety is paramount. However, if you can navigate the scene, gathering evidence through photographs of personal injuries or vehicular damage can be priceless. It also helps to capture other fleeting indicants such as skid marks and structural damages in the vicinity.

Acquire Contact and Insurance Details 

If your circumstances permit, collect the contact and insurance information of all involved parties. Similarly, interacting with witnesses and obtaining their details could prove beneficial.

Connect with a California Truck Accident Attorney 

Reaching out to us promptly allows for early case evaluation and facilitation, which in turn ensures you get the compensation you deserve.

Why Opt For a California Truck Accident Attorney?

Truck accident litigations are often intricate and challenging to navigate independently, primarily due to the aggressive defenses of trucking companies. These firms are notorious for rapidly deploying investigation teams to the accident site and actively collaborating with insurance companies, all to limit their liabilities and minimize your compensation.

Complexities also arise from the multiplicity of potential defendants, such as the driver, the trucking company, a leasing firm, the cargo-loading entity and even the truck manufacturer. An experienced truck accident attorney can precisely identify all culpable parties, thus optimizing your chances of securing rightful compensation from each party involved.

A daunting ordeal as a truck accident may seem, it’s crucial to remember that you don’t have to face it alone. By adhering to these guidelines and seeking professional legal advice, you’re taking the first steps towards obtaining the justice you deserve.

Understanding the Damages You Can Claim in a Truck Accident

Seeking compensation, formally known as damages, after a trucking accident can be broken down into two categories: economic and non-economic damages. When we talk about economic damages, we’re speaking of the tangible financial losses you’ve incurred due to the accident.

For instance, your hospital bills, therapy, counseling, lab tests, doctor visits, medications, and even the ambulance costs linked to your accident. You’re entitled to get these costs reimbursed. Economic damages also consider the wages you’ve lost due to your inability to work following your injuries. If your injuries prevent you from returning back to your job, you’re entitled to the wages you would have earned in the future. Furthermore, we can help you claim compensation for repairing or replacing your vehicle. In some extreme cases, if you’ve suffered severe injuries that required home modifications and in-home care, we can also seek compensation for these expenses.

On the other hand, non-economic damages take into account your mental and emotional pain associated with the accident. These damages include the aftermath of the accident such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, and anxiety. If the accident resulted in disfigurement, loss of a limb or any body part, it would be considered within the non-economic damages. Quality of life and loss of consortium (companionship of your spouse) are also considered. We strive to ensure you get the compensation you are rightfully entitled to for all your suffering and losses.

Identifying the Responsible Parties in a Truck Accident

Unlike standard car accidents where the responsibility usually rests on one driver and their insurance company, trucking accidents can have multiple liable parties. The truck driver is often one of the liable parties. While some drivers operate independently, many work for commercial companies or even government agencies. In some cases, the truck driver’s insurance company may also be liable.

Moreover, if the truck owner failed to adhere to safety standards and regulations, they could be held responsible. Manufacturers who sell trucks with known defects and mechanics who improperly repair trucks can also be held liable for any accidents caused. Another potential liable party could be the loader if they incorrectly loaded cargo onto the truck. Additionally, the owner of the property where the accident occurred could be at fault if they were responsible for the hazardous conditions that led to the crash.

Every case is unique and our experience allows us to investigate all potential responsible parties to ensure you receive comprehensive compensation.

Addressing Cases Where the Injured Party is Partially at Fault

Even in situations where you have some fault in the accident, you can still claim for damages. Your case might fall under the doctrine of ‘comparative negligence’, where your compensation is reduced in proportion to your fault in the accident. So, if you were deemed to be 30% responsible for the accident, your compensation would be reduced by 30%.

Your smaller vehicle can’t always evade a large truck, regardless of your driving skills. Our team will work diligently to investigate the multiple aspects of your case and place the liability where it truly belongs.

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