What does a truck accident lawyer do?

A truck accident lawyer with experience can handle every aspect of your case. First, they’ll sit down with you and go over your situation. Then, they’ll tell you what you can expect to receive in terms of compensation as well as how they’ll help you to receive it.

From there, they’ll conduct an investigation into what really happened. Drawing upon those facts, they’ll make the best, most compelling case on your behalf. The right truck accident attorney can negotiate with the other party’s insurance company.

Whether one person was liable for your accident or several parties are, the right attorney can represent you as aggressively as possible every step of the way.

Your attorney should be paid on contingency. That means you won’t pay unless they win. Also: an attorney should know medical professionals who also work on contingency. That way, you don’t have to pay for your medical care out of pocket -it too can come out of your settlement.

Most cases are settled by a truck accident attorney out of court. However, should the other side not negotiate fairly, the right attorney should be able to go into court and win on your behalf.

Experienced trucking accidents lawyer Belal Hamideh can do all of the above and more. To schedule a free case evaluation, message us through our site or call.

More Ways That a Truck Accident Attorney Can Help

If you’ve had the misfortune of being involved in a truck accident, a truck accident attorney based in California is prepared to assist you in various ways. Considering that fully loaded trucks can weigh approximately 80,000 pounds, truck accidents generally portend a greater potential for damage compared to other types of vehicular accidents. With a competent attorney by your side, you can receive useful help with aspects such as medical care procurement and fierce representation, all without incurring any upfront fees.

Ordinarily, Belal Hamideh Law has, over the years, extended its top-quality legal services to clients in situations similar to yours, helping them secure the compensation they truly deserve. It’s with great pride that we represent the people of California, and sometimes beyond the state’s borders. At our firm, the predominant objective is always to attain the most favorable outcomes for all our clients. That way, you can obtain the just reimbursement for all you’ve endured. We also offer free consultation services to assist individuals in your position. Feel free to reach out to us via our website or a simple phone call.

So, What Are The Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents?

Different factors can lead to truck accidents. Some of the most prevalent include:

Fatigue: Truck drivers are supposed to drive only for limited durations. Nevertheless, they might push themselves or be pressured by their superiors, to the point where their reaction speeds slow down, their decision-making skills deteriorate, or they even nod off while driving.

Excessive Speed: Given that truck drivers often have to meet deadlines, they may end up driving too fast, increasing the risk of accidents, considering that trucks need ample space and time to appropriately brake, decelerate, and come to a halt.

Distracted Driving: Regrettably, just like other drivers, truck drivers can also cause accidents due to distractions such as texting, eating among other activities.

Driving Under the Influence: There are instances when truck drivers might operate their vehicles while drunk, high, or in a similar impaired state.

Improperly Maintained Truck: Maintenance issues, including problems with brakes, tires, wheels, and steering, could precipitate an accident.

Defects in the Truck: Defects from manufacturers could pose a crash risk, resulting in accidents more often than most people realize.

Improper Loading: Truck accidents can sometimes arise from simple mistakes like unsecured, overweight, or loose cargo containers.

The Environment: Environmental conditions like rain, snow, ice, and strong winds can trigger fatal accidents.

Regardless of how your truck accident occurred, our firm stands ready to fervently represent your interests if the other driver is to blame for the crash.

What To Do After Experiencing A Truck Accident in California?

Experiencing a truck accident can be traumatic. Along with the possible physical injuries, it is completely normal to be hit with a wave of shock, feeling overwhelmed due to a variety of factors – pain, financial burdens, mental stress and a lot more. Let us guide you through this challenging storm and navigate you safely through the entire legal procedure, right from the start till the end, ensuring you the most favorable outcome. There are certain immediate steps to be followed after a truck accident in California:

Get in touch with the Police.

Regardless of the severity of the accident, even if it appears to be trivial, it is crucial to call the police. Injuries, both personal and to your vehicle, may surface over time. The police will file a report which considerably plays an important role as evidence in your claim.

Professional Medical Attention.

Post-accident, it is essential to get medically examined by a professional. You might feel absolutely normal as if you escaped the accident unscathed. However, there is a high probability of sustaining internal injuries that you might not be aware of. Your medical treatment record could be a vital difference-maker in your accident claim.

Gathering Evidence, if Possible.

If you’re incapacitated or unable to move out of an imminent danger, do not worry about this step. Your safety is paramount. But, if you’re able to move, documenting the scene through pictures of your injuries and the damage to your vehicle can prove to be greatly beneficial. Try to capture environmental evidence as well, such as skid marks, damage to nearby structures and the like.

Collect Information from the Other party.

If you’re in a state to do so, collect the contact and insurance information of the other party. If the accident involved multiple parties, get information from all. It also helps to gather information from any present witnesses.

Reach Out to a California Truck Accident Lawyer.

The sooner you contact us, the earlier we can start working on your case, ensuring that you receive everything you rightly deserve.

Why Engage a California Truck Accident Lawyer?

Truck accidents can get complicated making it exceptionally difficult for victims to represent themselves. Trucking companies are known for their aggressive defense strategies against lawsuits. They are quick to deploy investigation teams to the accident scene. Working with insurance companies, they do everything to minimize or completely avoid any compensation.

Furthermore, multiple defendants can be involved in these cases. The driver could be at fault and so could be the trucking company, a leasing company, the company that loaded the cargo onto the truck, the manufacturer of the truck, and others. Having an attorney experienced in truck accident cases can determine exactly who’s at fault so that you have the best chance of receiving all of the compensation you deserve from all who may have wronged you.

What Compensation Can I Pursue in a Truck Accident Incident in California?

In any truck accident situation, claimants can seek two categories of damages – economic and non-economic. Economic damages act as financial reimbursement for all costs you’ve borne as a result of the accident. This could include medical expenses incurred in the aftermath, such as payment for ambulance, therapy, counseling, or any treatment. You might be entitled to obtain recompense for any lost wages, due to inability to work in the aftermath of the mishap. If the accident has impaired your capability to return to work, you could also receive compensation equal to potential earning capacity. Apart from this, you could claim funds for vehicle repairs or replacement. Should the accident result in catastrophic injuries, monetary assistance for in-home care and home alterations may also be granted.

Non-economic damages cover factors such as emotional turmoil, physical pain, or distress. Any deformity, loss of limb, or other body part is considered non-economic damage. Compensation also accounts for the loss of quality of life and loss of consortium (loss of spouse’s companionship). Our team represents you fiercely to ensure you receive your rightful claim.

Who Bears the Blame for a Truck Accident?

The question of liability in truck accidents is complex and can involve multiple parties. Unlike car accidents where usually one driver and their insurance company is held liable, truck accidents can implicate several entities. The truck drivers themselves often bear responsibility. Some of these drivers are independent contractors while others are employed by a commercial company or the government.

Each case varies. The truck driver and their insurance company may be held liable in your situation. However, if the truck owners neglected safety rules and regulations, they too could be responsible, as could any manufacturer who sold the truck in spite of knowing its flaws. Mechanics who did not appropriately service the truck or responsible parties who improperly loaded the cargo could also be held accountable. Additional liability could be placed on the owner of the site of the accident if conditions on their premises contributed to the accident.

With our vast experience, we can identify each party at fault in your accident, ensuring you receive compensation from all responsible parties.

Common Truck Accident Injuries & How to Calculate Compensation

Just as every truck accident is unique, so too are the injuries that you and your loved ones may endure. Some of the most prevalent injuries include:


Broken bones.

Road rash and/or cuts.

Back injuries (including paralysis).

Head and Neck Injuries.

Traumatic Brain Injuries.

Massive Bruising.

Emotional distress (PTSD, anxiety, and other emotional issues).

The compensation you’re entitled to for your injuries depends on several factors. The severity of your injuries, your level of fault (if any) in the accident, among others. As your legal representatives, we will fight for you as fiercely as possible. This implies we will do everything within our capacity to make sure you receive the highest compensation for everything you have endured.

What If I Am Partially At Fault for the Truck Accident?

Even if you are partly responsible for the accident, you are still eligible to recover damages and secure compensation. Your claim may fall under the “comparative negligence” rule. This principle implies that your recovery could be reduced in accordance with the degree of your fault in the incident. For instance, if you are 30% at fault, you may receive 30% less compensation.

In any truck accident, the size of your vehicle compared to the truck puts you at a disadvantage, regardless of driving expertise. Our experienced team will strive to identify all responsible parties, ensuring the liability is rightly assigned.

Contact Our California Truck Accident Attorney – No Win, No Fee!

After a truck accident, the stress can be overwhelming. Our services ensure that your burden is reduced while we robustly represent you to secure your due rights. We have a successful history of challenging trucking companies and winning. For a complimentary consultation, reach out to our California truck accident attorney.