Bird E-Scooter Accident Attorney

Bird E-Scooter Accident Attorney

Were you injured in an accident involving a Bird scooter? Were you the unfortunate rider facing injuries, or did you fall victim to a collision with an electric scooter operator? If you were injured in an accident that, in some way, involved a Bird scooter being used negligently by another party, you may deserve compensation. Belal Hamideh, experienced e-scooter injury attorney, can help.  

Belal offers free case evaluation. In that, Belal will draw upon his experience to let you know what your Bird scooter may be worth and how he can help. From that point onwards, Belal and the rest of our dedicated team will relentlessly fight on your behalf, striving to secure the maximum compensation available. Hablamos Espanol.

What to Keep in Mind About Bird Scooters

In the world of modern transportation, Bird scooters and really, electric scooters have emerged as both a convenient mode of travel and a potential hazard. Like any other vehicle or tool, the responsible and conscientious use of electric scooters is crucial, with safety taking precedence.

Electric scooters, colloquially known as e-scooters, offer a convenient and swift means of transportation. However, the apparent ease comes with its own set of risks. Capable of reaching speeds up to 15 miles per hour, these scooters lack the protective barriers found in automobiles, leaving riders vulnerable.

Injuries, unfortunately, are all too common. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reported over 190,000 emergency room visits related to micromobility (e-scooter) products from 2017 to 2020, indicating a steady 70% increase. Injuries predominantly affected the upper and lower limbs, as well as the head and neck.

If you find yourself nursing injuries from a Bird scooter accident,  reach out to Belal for a free case evaluation. With no financial risk attached to the evaluation, you have nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain.

How Can You Tell if You Have a Bird Scooter Accident Case? 

When navigating the roads, whether atop a Bird scooter, within a vehicle, or on foot, a duty of care is owed to you by others. This legal obligation mandates that reasonable care be exercised to prevent harm. If this duty is breached, leading to injury, the foundation for a potential case is laid.

Belal and the team have extensive experience in establishing how our clients were owed a duty of care by the defendant and subsequently how that duty was breached, resulting in injuries. The ability to demonstrate damages directly linked to the injury further solidifies the grounds for seeking compensation.

Should you suspect negligence on the part of another party contributing to your injury, a consultation with Belal for a case evaluation is strongly advised. Many individuals initially uncertain about the viability of their case have left Belal’s office with newfound confidence in the strength of their claims.

Navigating a Bird Scooter Accident: What To Do

If you find yourself entangled in the aftermath of an electric scooter accident, a series of prudent steps can help protect your well-being and bolster your potential case:

  • Prioritize Safety: Remove yourself from potential harm, whether it be the road, a hazardous area, or any potential dangers. Check yourself and others involved for injuries.

  • Emergency Services: Dial 911 promptly. Even if injuries seem minor, some may manifest later or be internal. Swift medical attention is crucial.

  • Police Statement: Provide a factual statement to the police without embellishment. This statement will contribute to the creation of a police report, a valuable document for your potential case.

  • Evidence Collection: Document the scene by taking pictures and videos of the accident, the involved scooters, damages, injuries, and any relevant details. Collecting evidence can significantly strengthen your case.

  • Interaction with Other Party: Engage with the other party involved, obtaining essential information such as name, license number, address, telephone number, and insurance details. Maintain politeness but avoid admitting fault.

  • Witness Information: Gather contact details from any witnesses present, as their accounts can serve as crucial evidence.

Once these steps are completed, reaching out to Belal for a free case evaluation is the next logical move.

What Compensation Can You Receive for Your Bird Scooter Injury?

In the aftermath of a Bird scooter accident in California, compensation may encompass both economic and non-economic damages:

  • Economic Damages: Covering professional medical treatment, medications, rehabilitation, therapy, and ongoing medical expenses.

  • Lost Wages: Compensating for time away from work and potential future lost wages due to an inability to resume work.

  • Non-Economic Damages: Addressing pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and other intangible hardships.

Belal, during a free case evaluation, leverages his extensive experience to outline the potential worth of your case and the damages you may rightfully claim. Subsequently, the team endeavors to secure the compensation you deserve.

Can I Bring a Case Against Bird for My Injuries? 

Unfortunately, bringing a case against Bird for any injuries suffered in an accident involving an e-scooter can be difficult because of the user agreement Bird made you sign before you could use the scooter. 

Very few read that 15+ page document. Essentially, it is a lengthy liability waiver, Bird doing everything they can to make sure that they don’t have to pay for an accident. Once you’ve clicked the user agreement, you are bound by its terms (with one notable and important exception). 

This document waives Bird’s liability if you were injured by an e-scooter that was defective. It also says that you’ll abide by any e-scooter regulations and laws, as well as laying out other scenarios that Bird is not liable for. 

If you do want to bring a suit against Bird, this document makes that even more challenging because it makes it impossible for you to join a class action suit. Plus, you can’t take Bird to court. Instead, you have to take them to arbitration. 

No matter where you’re located, the arbitration has to take place in LA, too. 

That said, there is one way out. Within 30 days of your first ride on a Bird e-scooter, you can waive those provisions by sending a written notice to: 

Bird Rides, Inc. 

605 Santa Monica Blvd. 

PMB 20388

West Hollywood, CA 910069 

We understand how challenging these cases can be. As such, we do everything in our power to make sure that you receive the compensation you deserve from the parties liable for your injuries.

So, when you schedule a free case evaluation with Belal, he’ll let you know what your claim is worth, who we can bring a suit against on your behalf, and what it will take to make sure you receive what you should. 

Who is Liable for My Bird Scooter Accident? 

In a Bird scooter accident, multiple parties could be liable. They include: 

  • Driver: If a vehicle driver operates negligently, causing injury to an e-scooter rider, a case may be viable.

  • Maintenance Entities: Those responsible for maintaining sidewalks or roads may be liable if hazardous conditions contribute to an accident.

  • Pedestrians: Surprisingly, pedestrians may also bear liability if their actions lead to an e-scooter collision.

Unraveling the truth and building a compelling case for clients is a primary focus for our experienced team.

Cases Involving Injuries Caused by Bird Scooter Operators

Victims of e-scooter accidents caused by negligent operators have a solid basis for compensation. For instance, if an e-scooter rider traveling at excessive speeds collides with a pedestrian on a sidewalk, resulting in injury, the injured party deserves rightful compensation.

Injuries Involving Unattended Bird Scooters

Even in scenarios where no direct collision occurs, injuries related to unattended electric scooters are not uncommon. For instance, tripping and falling over a discarded scooter can warrant compensation. Determining liability may involve investigating the individual who left the scooter unattended or, in some cases, the property owner or other party. 

Given the complexity of these cases, having an adept attorney familiar with the nuances of e-scooter accidents significantly enhances the chances of receiving rightful compensation.

The Role of a Bird Scooter Attorney

The relative novelty of e-scooters has led to a dearth of specific regulations in California. While riders are obligated to adhere to certain guidelines, the lack of comprehensive regulations can pose challenges when determining liability and damages after an accident. Even seasoned personal injury attorneys may lack the specific expertise required for e-scooter accident cases.

An Experienced Bird Scooter Attorney on Your Side 

Belal and the team here have extensive personal injury case experience. If you suffered an injury in a case involving a Bird scooter, we very well may be able to help you to recover compensation. As we work on contingency, you do not have to pay unless we win. As we win 99% of the time, we know what it takes to represent our clients aggressively and successfully. 

To schedule a free case evaluation, complete the form at our site or call.