What Can an Accident Attorney Do for You?

accident attorney

If you’re injured and it was not your fault, you likely have a strong standing for a personal injury lawsuit. This injury could be from a slip and fall, a car accident, medical negligence, workplace negligence, pretty much anything where there’s an injury because of another person or entity. So, of course, you’re wondering how an accident attorney can help and why working with one might be better than going at it alone.

On the most basic level, an accident lawyer can help you file a lawsuit or engage in settlement discussions in order to seek compensation from the at-fault parties. This recompense is typically financial, though there can be other remedies, with the intent to cover the costs of damages like “medical bills, pain and suffering, and diminished quality of life,” per Wikipedia.

An Accident Attorney Answers How Lawyers Can Help You

Because the law can be so complicated, many lawyers strongly believe in the importance of educating their clients and the general public. Belal Hamideh, for example, has a YouTube channel with videos explaining the many facets of accident-related law. 

In this video, Belal answers many frequently asked questions about his specialty, personal injury law. Below are two of the questions he answers with his response:

“Are Accident Attorneys Worth It?”

Emotionally, a lawyer can provide peace of mind. Life after an accident can be disorienting and an attorney will do the stressful work on your case. This includes work related to dealing with insurance companies and adjusters who only care about minimizing what they pay you.

Financially, a good personal injury attorney should get you a larger settlement or verdict than you’d get on your own. This has been Belal Hamideh’s experience; clients who try to resolve claims on their own see more money when working with a lawyer, even after attorney fees. This can be because an attorney has knowledge of damages you didn’t even know you were entitled to, they might have a better understanding of how to document your injuries, etc.

A lawsuit might even be the only way to get compensation for your injury. For example, an independent contractor might not be covered by workers’ compensation, but they are likely entitled to compensation if they’re injured at work. Lawyering up can be the most effective way to get costs related to on-site injuries covered by a negligent employer or dangerous working environment.

accident attorney

“How Do Accident Attorneys Work?”

Once engaged with your case, an attorney should handle all facets of your claim, per Belal Hamideh. This includes communicating (and often negotiating) with insurance companies, requesting records, and more.

They can also help by assisting their clients with managing their medical treatment. Belal Hamideh uses an example where he had to get his client an MRI, both for their health and for collecting evidence for their claim. The client’s own insurance fought them on this treatment and luckily enough they had a lawyer who would pressure the insurance to eventually cover it.

Your Attorney Should Answer Your Questions

If you think you might have a personal injury case, the best way to find out what an accident attorney can do for you would be to reach out to one. Many accident attorneys, including Belal Hamideh, provide a free consultation and assessment of your case. This is a cost-free

Once you’ve engaged an attorney, don’t forget that they represent you. You deserve to understand what’s happening in your case. Look for an attorney with a history of education and transparency about the legal process.

Whether you’re in doubt about even having a claim or looking for better representation, call Belal Hamideh Law at (562) 526-1224. His team is also available online for live chat.