Ways We Help Workers After a Longshore Accident


Were you or someone you love injured in a longshore accident? Did you recently suffer an injury due to your harbor job and aren’t sure what to do next? Here at Belal Hamideh Law, we have helped many longshoremen as well as plenty of other harbor workers. Now, we can put that experience to work for you. Some longshore professionals have wondered exactly what it is that we can do for harbor workers. The truth is that there’s quite a bit. 

Representing Many Different Kinds of Harbor Workers 

We say that we’ve represented many “longshoremen” injured in accidents, but the truth is that “longshoremen” is simply shorthand for the many, many different kinds of harbor workers that we’ve represented. So, we’ve helped those who were hurt while loading a vessel, as well as those who unload them, repair them, and so much more. “Harbor workers” include those crane operators, stevedores, and many others who work those essential jobs in the shipyard. 

Justice for Those Injured in a Longshore Accident 

When it comes to an accident that occurred during your longshore job, we can make sure that you receive the maximum compensation available. How? Well, one of the first steps in conducting a thorough investigation is to find out all of the parties responsible for your injury. We can determine who acted negligently and/or recklessly in such a manner that led to your suffering. So, it could be that the person who loaded the ship in another port led to your injury, or the ship’s manufacturer, or your own employer for failing to meet safety standards, or more. Or, alternatively, it could be all of the above. We can find the truth. 

Damages Harbor Workers Can Receive 

We can represent you aggressively to ensure that you receive maximum compensation. In this context, “maximum compensation” can refer to the expenses that you’ve had to pay for medical care, rehab, and similar costs. It could also be for any disability or disfigurement you’ve suffered (whether temporary or permanent). Beyond that, you can also receive compensation for wages that you’ve lost (and wages you would have lost in the future as well). We can even work to get you compensation for pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, earning capacity, and more. 

Longshore Accident

Ready to Help Today 

What’s mentioned above is just some of what we can offer. The truth is that if you or someone you love has been injured in an accident through the course of doing your longshore work, we can help. We offer free consultations. So, that means you have every incentive in the world to reach out to us. You won’t be out any money either way. Plus, you could receive plenty for all that you’ve had to deal with. For a free consultation with Belal Hamideh, call (562) 526-1224.