Long Beach Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents can have devastating consequences. One moment, you’re driving or walking on the road, the next, you’ve been struck by a truck. Trucks are, for the most part, much bigger than cars. So, they can cause untold amounts of damages. When you’ve been hit by a truck, getting medical attention is the first step. The second is to contact an experienced Long Beach truck accident lawyer.


Compensation for Your Accident

As with other kinds of vehicular accidents, in an accident involving a truck, you could be entitled to payment for your medical expenses as well as any you might need in the future. Pain and suffering, vehicular repair, lost wages, and out of pocket expenses – those are just a few of the kinds of benefits that we can help you with.

A Long Beach Truck Accident Lawyer Who Finds Out the Truth

When you think about a “truck accident,” many people will initially think that the truck driver is to blame. Often, they are. Driving a large vehicle is an enormous responsibility. Anyone who would do so and cause an accident through their negligence or recklessness deserves to be held accountable. Should the truck driver be the part at fault in your accident, we will make sure your case reflects that.

Truck Accident Factors

However, they might not be the party at fault in your accident. They might not even be the only party at fault in your accident. Many factors could go into a truck accident that often aren’t in play in other kinds of vehicular accidents. For example, it could be that the truck’s owner was at fault for violating certain trucking maintenance regulations or avoiding mandated inspections.

Cargo could have been improperly loaded into the back of the truck, which would make the accident the fault of those who loaded it in. It could be that the accident was caused by defective or deficient truck parts, which would make it the fault of the manufacturer or other parties.

Whoever was at fault in your accident, we’ll find them. Our experienced team of investigative professionals can determine exactly what happened in your accident, why, who was at fault, and more. Then, we utilize that to give you the best possible case.

Experience with Truck Accidents

The truth is that truck accidents aren’t the same as other kinds of vehicular accident cases. They can lead to worse injuries, outcomes, and more. We have years of experience in cases involving large trucks.

The truth is that the other side will have plenty of experience, too. Trucking companies and similar entities are going to have their own teams of investigators, adjusters, lawyers, and others. They’ll all be focused on one thing and one thing alone: reducing their liability at any cost.

You deserve to have someone on your side with a proven, winning track record of taking trucking companies, insurance companies, and others on. Now, we can put that experience to work for you. To schedule a free consultation, call us today at (562) 526-1224.

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