How to File a Claim With State Farm

Were you in an accident and State Farm is your insurance carrier? Have you been in an accident where the driver who hit you has State Farm for their insurance? Depending on which metric you go by, State Farm is the most popular insurance carrier in the state of California. Even the rankings that don’t have them in the top spot have them among the biggest. So, taking on State Farm in a case can be challenging indeed. Yet, Belal Hamideh, a car accident lawyer in California, and the rest of his team here can help you to recover the compensation you should receive. 

When you’re hurt in an accident, it’s entirely possible that you’re eligible for compensation. The last thing you want to do is to take on an entity like State Farm by yourself, or, just as bad, to take their first, “lowball” offer. We can keep that from happening. Reach out to us today for a free case evaluation. 


What to Do If You Have State Farm Insurance and You’re in an Accident 

If State Farm is your insurer and you’re injured in an accident, you should contact State Farm within 24 hours. You can do so through their online service, through their app, or by calling (800) 732-5246. 

When talking to State Farm, the best course of action is to be as straightforward as possible. Yes, they are your insurance carrier, but by that same token, you don’t want to say anything that could potentially jeopardize or harm your potential compensation. So, a good rule of thumb: just stick to the facts. 

Don’t “guess,” don’t “estimate,” nor should you speculate about anything – just answer simply. Don’t feel, in the slightest, like you have to give any information that you weren’t expressly asked for. Of course, always be honest and upfront. That said, we strongly recommend never giving a recorded statement. Don’t sign anything, either. Not until you talk to an experienced attorney. 

Some of this may feel a bit unpleasant but in the end, all you’re doing is protecting you and the people who count on you. Treating anyone from the insurance company in the same manner as you would the other driver in an accident, with cordial politeness, is the best course of action. 


What to Do If the Other Driver is With State Farm 

If the other driver has State Farm, we strongly recommend that you don’t speak to anyone from State Farm who reaches out to you. The truth is, unfortunately, that this adjuster isn’t looking out for your best interests. Rather, they’re looking out for State Farm’s (as well as for the other party, whom they represent). 

See, once the accident has occurred and the other driver (who may have injured you in the accident) reaches out to State Farm, State Farm is going to conduct an investigation to find out what happened. Of course, this investigation is always most likely to be tilted towards proving that it wasn’t the fault of their driver, it was your fault. Or, alternatively, they could try to prove that the accident was the fault of some other party who is also not the other driver. 

Why? Because State Farm doesn’t want to have to provide you with appropriate compensation, especially if they don’t have to. Thus, they’re going to do everything in their power to keep that from happening. State Farm, of course, by virtue of having been around for decades and growing into a global brand, has plenty of power indeed. 

This is one more area that an experienced attorney can help. Belal Hamideh can take your case and stand up to State Farm on your behalf. Through the most aggressive representation possible, Belal can help you to recover the maximum compensation that you deserve, regardless of what State Farm does. 


What to Do If the Other Driver Isn’t Insured 

Despite the law requiring every driver to have insurance, unfortunately, some drivers still get on the road without being insured. When you’re hit by one of these drivers, it can be particularly frustrating. That said, if you’re like a strong majority of California drivers, you most likely have uninsured as well as underinsured driver insurance. 

So, when you’re injured in an accident by one of these drivers, what you’re going to want to do is to file a claim with your insurance company. If it’s State Farm, you can reach them, again, through their online service, through their app, or by calling (800) 732-5246. 

However, you may find, in this specific scenario, that State Farm may make it a bit difficult for you to receive your compensation. That’s because, when the other driver doesn’t have insurance/enough insurance, your compensation won’t come from some other insurance company, it’ll have to come from State Farm. 

We can help here, too. If State Farm is “dragging their feet,” so to speak, or they even reject your claim, we very well may be able to assist you. Should either of those happen to you, we encourage you to reach out to us for a free case evaluation. 


How Car Accident Lawyer in California Belal Hamideh Can Help You 

State Farm, as you might imagine, has the absolute best resources at their disposal. They can put together a team of attorneys, a team of investigators, and so much more. All of this can be weaponized to help them to keep you from getting the compensation you deserve (or, honestly, any compensation at all). 

We can keep that from happening. Belal and the team here have helped so many people who are in the same position that you are right now: recovering after being injured in an accident. You have so much “on your plate right now,” so to speak. Thus, by having experienced attorneys on your case, you can focus on what’s most important: your recovery. 

When you’re ready, we encourage you to contact us for a free case evaluation. We very well may be able to help you recover everything you deserve. To schedule this, you can message us through our site or call.