How to File a Claim With Progressive Insurance in California

Have you been hurt in a car accident? Do you have Progressive Insurance? Or, alternatively, has Progressive Insurance contacted you after the accident with a settlement offer? As tempting as it can be to take that first, initial offer from an insurance company, it’s almost never the right course of action. More often than not, this offer is so much less than you deserve. Belal Hamideh and his accident law firm have helped so many to take on the insurance companies and win. Now, he and the rest of the team here can put that experience to work for you. 

The period after an injury can be extremely difficult. You may be in pain, or you may be in recovery, all while trying to move forward with your life. Those are just some of the reasons that we aim to make the process as easy as possible for our clients. You can contact us for a free case evaluation. During that, we’ll go over your case in detail to determine exactly how we can help you. 


What You Should Do After an Accident if You Have Progressive 

You’ve gotten yourself to safety, you’ve contacted the police, and you’ve spoken to the other party in the accident. Cordially, politely, and directly, you’ve gotten their information without saying anything that could be construed as admitting fault in the slightest. Then, if you have Progress Insurance, you should contact them. 

You can file a claim with Progressive through their site, through their app, or by calling them at (800) 776-4737. It’s strongly recommended that you do this within 24 hours of an accident. When you’re speaking to someone on this phone call from Progressive, just give them the facts. There’s no reason to speculate, to say “I think,” “It seems like,” etc. We say that because, again, you don’t say anything that could potentially damage your case whatsoever. 

It’s possible, though not likely, that they’ll ask you for a recorded statement. If they do and they’re your provider, then yes, you can give one. However, you don’t have to. In fact, we don’t recommend that our clients do so. What we do instead of that is, once you’ve wrapped up medical treatment, we’ll give all of your accident and injury data in the settlement demand. 

Nothing prepares a person for being in a car accident. It’s not like you could have been ready for this. We’re always glad to sit with someone who’s been injured in an accident and talk to them about what’s going on, what they can expect, and the ways we might be able to help. That’s just one of the many reasons that it’s worth it to reach out to us for a free case evaluation. 


What You Should Do After an Accident if the Other Person Has Progressive 

For starters, in the event that someone hit you with their vehicle and you were injured, then it’s strongly recommended that you contact us. If you were hurt through someone else’s recklessness and/or negligence, then you very well may deserve compensation for that. 

When you’re in an accident, you contact your insurance company, tell them what happened, give them the other driver’s information, etc. The other driver, the one who very well may be liable for your injuries, does the same. If they’re represented by Progressive, it’s entirely possible that, in the near future (or maybe already) you’ll get a call from a Progressive claims adjuster. 

Among insurance companies in California, Progressive has some of the highest-rated customer service. The claims adjuster from Progressive can be very kind, very compassionate, fun to talk to, etc. That said, it’s important to remember why they’re talking to you: because they want to get the maximum compensation for their clients. 

So, beneath that friendly exterior, they’re looking for something they can use to lessen the compensation that you deserve. It could be that they’re looking for you to say something that could be taken as admitting fault (even slightly). It might be that they offer you a very low offer, much less than your claim is worth, in hopes that you’ll take it just to take something. 

We do not recommend speaking to the other party’s insurance provider. This is one more area we can help our clients. When you sign with us, instead, we’ll talk to the insurance company on your behalf. We deal with them so that you don’t have to. Over the years, we’ve taken on the biggest insurance companies on behalf of our clients and helped them to recover the compensation that they should have for everything that they’ve been through. 


What You Should Do After an Accident if the Other Party Isn’t Insured 

California law is very clear: you need to be insured to get behind the wheel. However, every day, people go out on the roads without insurance. Should you be injured in an accident involving one of these drivers, it can be very frustrating (at the risk of great understatement). Many drivers have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, which can help at a time like this. 

When you talk to your insurance provider about this and try to claim that compensation, it’s entirely possible that your insurance provider will fight you on it. They may try to drag their feet, they may even deny your claim. Here, too, we can help. Belal and the entire team here can help you to recover the compensation you should have from your own insurance company, too. 


How Our Accident Law Firm Help Your Case 

There’s nothing easy about having been injured in an accident. Dealing with insurance companies, whether they’re Progressive or anyone else can be challenging at best. When you work with an experienced attorney, you have someone at your side who can help you through the entire process. That’s just one of the ways that we help our clients. 

Belal and the team here are only paid on contingency. We don’t get paid until we win. We win 99% of the time for our clients. So, we’re glad to sit down with you for a free case evaluation to see how we can be of assistance. To schedule that, you can call us or message us through our site.