How to Claim Bodily Injury From a Car Accident in California Area

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An accident lawyer in California is one who helps people who have sustained bodily injuries. This type of lawyer gets for you the compensation you deserve for enduring such an ordeal. There are many situations in which such lawyers will help you. 


Determining the compensation do you deserve


If you get injured in an accident, you might not know that you’re entitled to much more than just the payment of medical expenses that you incurred from the accident. 


For instance, if the physical injuries you sustained prevent you from going to work, you may get compensation for the wages you lost due to incapacity. This will give you the money that you need to for your daily expenses.


Because of the accident, you might also suffer mental pain, suffering, and anguish because of the injuries you sustained. A dependable accident lawyer from California will present this as part of your case. The lawyer will seek payment to cover the pain you experienced while giving you peace of mind to aid in your recovery.

accident lawyer from the long beach

Guiding you through the process


To file a claim for physical injuries brought about by a car accident, you need an effective California accident lawyer to guide you throughout the legal process involving your car accident. 


If the lawyer proves that the bodily injuries resulted from another person’s negligence, the latter is legally responsible for paying your medical bills now and in the foreseeable future.


Moreover, the other party would also be legally required to compensate for your inability to work, the wages you lost, and for the suffering, trauma or pain that you experienced. 


Hire a seasoned lawyer to work hard to represent you and defend your rights against the insurance companies, their lawyers, and even in court. That way, you can obtain the settlement and judgment you deserve.


Dealing with insurance companies


It’s no easy matter dealing with insurance companies, especially on your own. This could be an intimidating ordeal for anyone because insurance companies use complex legal jargon to scare you off. 


This tactic might even make you feel confused, thus, pushing you to accept a low settlement that won’t even commensurate to your medical needs in the present and future, not to mention the suffering and pain you endured.


If you can’t stand up against an insurance company, find someone who will. An experienced lawyer will fight for you. Such a lawyer isn’t intimidated easily by what insurance companies have to say. They will fight for your rights, protect you, and keep working until you get the settlement that you deserve.


Contact a car accident attorney in California


After sustaining bodily injuries from a car accident, you need to receive medical care immediately. You might not have the money to pay the medical bills – at least not right away. 

This is where one of our accident lawyers at Belal Hamideh Law comes in. Our lawyers will fight for the compensation that you deserve. Contact our office at (562) 526-1224. Don’t wait too long to obtain the compensation you’re legally entitled to when you get involved in a car accident.