How to Choose the Right Accident Attorney for Your Case?

accident attorney

You can’t just shrug off your shoulders when you get into an accident. The first thing you must do is not leave the scene. If the other driver leaves, make sure to take photos of the license plate number. This will help the authorities find them. No matter how you feel, never apologize to the other driver. What should you do next? Should you call an accident attorney

When to Call an Accident Attorney

Many people would wait until their injuries heal before they’d call an attorney. However, the best time to call is: as soon as you can. This is especially true if someone else is involved and has been injured. If the accident resulted in significant property damage, you need to dial your preferred attorney. Most of all, if you are facing medical bills, lost wages, or other financial losses because of the accident, call your lawyer. 

How to Choose the Right Lawyer? 

You don’t want to be in this predicament where you need to call an attorney because you get into an accident. But you can’t control every situation while you’re on the road or anywhere. If you need to hire an accident lawyer, there are key factors to consider: 


Look for a lawyer who has experience handling cases similar to yours. Ask how long they have been practising, and what percentage of their practice is devoted to personal injury cases.


Do some research to see what past clients have said about the lawyer’s services. Look for online reviews or ask for references from the lawyer.


Choose a lawyer who is easy to communicate with and who keeps you updated throughout the legal process. They should be responsive to your questions and concerns.


Find out how the lawyer charges for their services. Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. Before you hire an attorney, know his/her fee structure.

Personal connection

It’s important to choose a lawyer who you feel comfortable working with and who you trust to handle your case. You should feel confident that they have your best interests in mind.


Choose a lawyer who is located near you, or who is willing to travel to your location if necessary. This can make it easier to meet with them in person and attend court hearings.

How to File an Injury Claim?

Should you file it yourself? It depends on your circumstance. But generally, it is advisable to have an experienced personal injury lawyer file your injury claim on your behalf. The reason for this is that lawyers have extensive knowledge of the laws and regulations governing injury claims. They know how to navigate the legal system and are familiar with the procedures for filing claims. Proving negligence is often a crucial part of a personal injury claim. An experienced lawyer knows how to gather evidence, interview witnesses, and build a strong case to prove negligence.

accident attorney

How to Deal with Insurance Companies? 

It’s not that easy, unfortunately. Hence, we highly recommend calling our accident attorney, Belal Hamideh to work with you to win your case. You may schedule a free consultation with us through the contact form or via phone call.