How to Choose the Best Injury Lawyer in California

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Finding the right personal injury lawyer to handle your claim for compensation can be a daunting task. Whether you are experiencing problems after hip replacement surgery or have been involved in a car accident, you want to make sure that you have the right lawyer who is going to fight hard for you. It is easy to be swayed by a slick-looking professional website but is that enough? How do you judge qualification, experience, and compatibility? How and where do you begin to find the best injury lawyer in California?

The Process

You will find it easier if you break it down into steps as follows:

  1. List your criteria – experience, accessibility, licensed in your state, etc.
  2. Make a list of potential lawyers and law firms
  3. Shortlist two or three
  4. Call and meet with the shortlisted attorneys
  5. Sign a contract with the chosen lawyer

Finding the Best Injury Lawyer in California

This is a crucial phase. There are various ways to achieve this.

  • Referrals

Word of mouth is a powerful ally. A referral from a family member or trusted friend who has had a good experience is very positive. You might also ask a member who is central to the community such as your doctor or church leader.

  • Research attorneys online

Browse online to find a few attorneys to research deeper. It is important to make sure they are licensed. There is a local bar association in every state that can help you check whether or not the attorney you are reviewing is on the association register. Checking their bar status will also help identify any sanctions or disciplinary measures taken against them. Remember to also check online reviews on independent websites.

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  • Find out the extent of their training and experience

Once you have made your shortlist of two or three potential lawyers, learn more about their training but also their legal experience, particularly in the field of personal injury and compensation claims. Do not be afraid to ask probing questions. At this stage, you may not be able to have a face to face consultation with your specific attorney, but you still need to feel comfortable. Gut instinct will usually serve you well.

  • Identify who will handle your case

Unless you go to an individual lawyer, the person you interview may not be the lawyer assigned to your case. You should know who this will be and should be introduced to them. If you do not feel happy or have a rapport with the appointed attorney, ask for someone else.

Red Flags to Watch For

  • No proven track record or experience in trials
  • Poor client reviews (always look beyond the client’s own website)
  • Vagueness or uncertainty of how to handle a case
  • Promises of success and a big payout before they even have details of your case
  • Vagueness about fees or no set table of fees

If you are looking for the best injury lawyer in California with experience and a proven track record in compensation cases, we invite you to contact One of our attorneys will both fight and care for you at every step of the way.