How Do You Win a Personal Injury Claim?

personal injury law firm

Whether a personal injury is a simple financial inconvenience or completely turns their world upside down, a lawsuit is likely the only way for a victim to get the compensation they need to get their life back on track. As such, the stakes are incredibly high for them to win. Working with a personal injury law firm means you get to use their expertise and resources to better your chances of winning. Here are some tips that should be helpful for most cases.

Tips for Building A Strong Case With a Personal Injury Law Firm

Keep in mind that both a favorable settlement and a favorable verdict should be considered a “win”, especially when it comes to personal injury law. Because of television and movies, some people might think a win means getting a good verdict from a jury or judge after a long, dramatic court case. But this isn’t necessarily true; an attorney should be prepared to go to trial for their clients, but settlements without trials are often advantageous. 

In fact, most personal injury cases won’t go to trial. According to the online Black’s Law Dictionary, only “[f]our percent to five percent of the personal injury cases in the United States go to trial.” So, use the tips below whether or not you anticipate your case ending before or after trial.

personal injury law firm

Protect Information about Your Case

Often, you need to be fairly diligent in your day-to-day life because your defendant, especially if they are an insurance company, will use everything they can to win. Watch what you post online and consider making your social media accounts private. Another party can twist your words in their favor or they could gain insight into what you think your case is worth.

Similarly, try to limit what you say to insurance companies and any other parties. They may pressure you into saying or agreeing to something that hurts your case. If you’re worried, once you have a lawyer, they can handle most conversations pertaining to your case.

You can and should, however, be keeping thorough documentation of your life after your personal injury. It’s helpful for a wide range of claims you can make, including medical expenses, loss of income, emotional damages, and more. In addition to paperwork and bills, journaling and saving messages can help show the duress you may be experiencing.

Have an Open Conversation with Your Attorney

Do not keep anything from your lawyer. They are on your side and your conversations are privileged. They’ll want to use helpful information and they’ll just not use it if it isn’t important. Plus, if it’s harmful to your case, they’ll want to anticipate how to deal with it and adjust your expectations accordingly.

On the flip side, your attorney should also be completely honest with you. They’ll want to tell you honestly what they think the chances of your case succeeding is. This will increase the odds of a favorable settlement and will enable you to make better-informed choices.

Protect Yourself by Getting Legal Representation

At the end of the day, a personal injury law firm that represents you wants you to win. It’s their job to advocate for your best interests. They’ll help you avoid common mistakes that can lose of your case, which could be your only or best chance to get your damages recovered.

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