Employment Lawyer Pasadena

employment lawyer pasadena

Have your workplace rights been infringed upon? Have you experienced injustice in your professional environment? Your employer cannot infringe upon your rights, mistreat you, or break the law. If you suspect harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, or wage disputes at your workplace, Belal Hamideh can help. An experienced employment lawyer for Pasadena and the surrounding area, he can help you to get everything you deserve for all that you’ve been through.

He offers a complimentary and comprehensive case assessment during which he will determine the viability of your case and elaborate on the assistance his team can provide.

What Employment Cases Does Belal Hamideh Work On?

Throughout his career, Belal Hamideh has represented clients from diverse industries, including multinational corporations, small businesses, and companies of all sizes. He advocates aggressively for his clients, ensuring you receive maximum compensation for your ordeals.
Belal handles various employment cases, such as:
Disability Discrimination: If you’ve faced harassment, missed opportunities, or wrongful termination due to a disability, Belal can assist you.
Retaliation: You may have a retaliation case if your employer retaliated against you for reporting workplace injustices, which could result in unfavorable work conditions, reduced compensation, or other mistreatments. If you believe you’ve been retaliated against, reach out to Belal as soon as possible.
Wage and Hour Violation: This encompasses various violations, including unpaid overtime, off-the-clock work, meal/rest break infringements, and minimum wage violations among others.
Hostile Work Environment: A hostile workplace can involve name-calling, mistreatment, threats, and various forms of harassment. If you suspect a hostile work environment, it’s crucial to contact an attorney.
Racial Discrimination: If you believe you were discriminated against based on your race or ethnicity, Belal can help.
Wrongful Termination: Belal can guide you through wrongful termination cases related to race, gender, age, sexuality, or disability discrimination.
Sexual Harassment: From unwanted physical contact to explicit comments and gestures, Belal can assist with your case. If you believe there’s a chance you were a victim of sexual harassment, it’s worth it to speak to a professional.
Gender Discrimination: If you’ve experienced discrimination based on your gender, including pay disparities or missed promotions, call us.
Employer Fraud: Whether your employer made false promises, failed to honor contractual agreements, or engaged in fraudulent activities, Belal can provide guidance.
Breach of Contract: If your employer breaches contractual obligations related to benefits, compensation, or employment terms, Belal can assist you.
Age Discrimination: You have a case if you were discriminated against at work on account of your age.
Whistleblower Rights: If you’ve reported illegal activities within your company and experienced retaliation, then your rights were violated and you should seek experienced legal counsel.

Compensation You May Be Entitled to

Damages in employment cases vary, encompassing back pay, front pay, job search costs, emotional distress compensation, reinstatement, loss of professional reputation, legal fees, and punitive damages. During your free case evaluation, Belal will detail the damages you can pursue and vigorously work to secure them for you.
The legal process can be complex and overwhelming, especially in employment law cases. Belal and his team are not just legal experts; they’re your support system. They investigate thoroughly, leaving no stone unturned, building the most robust case possible on your behalf.
Belal believes in fighting for justice beyond financial compensation. If you’ve suffered emotional distress, anguish, or a damaged professional reputation due to workplace injustices, he fights tirelessly to secure the appropriate compensation for your pain and suffering. His goal is not just financial recovery; it’s restoring your dignity and peace of mind.

Why Should I Contact an Employment Lawyer in Pasadena?

Your workplace rights are non-negotiable, and Belal Hamideh understands the importance of your case. Whether you’ve faced discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, and other violations, he’s here to stand up for you.
Act promptly to protect your rights. The statute of limitations varies based on the nature of the case, ranging from two to four years. Don’t let time constraints jeopardize your claim. The last thing anyone wants is for them to realize they had a case but they let the statute of limitations run out.
Belal Hamideh: Your Trusted Employment Attorney in Pasadena
Belal provides free case evaluations, discussing your situation and outlining how he can assist you. Operating on a contingency basis, you won’t incur upfront costs; his fee comes from your eventual settlement. If your workplace rights were violated, seek justice. Contact Belal Hamideh now to initiate the process and reclaim your rights.

To schedule the free case evaluation, complete the contact form on this site or call.