Dealing With Insurance Companies from an Auto Accident Lawyer in California

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No one ever thinks they will be in an accident. But if you are, you will likely need to deal with an insurance company—whether it’s your own or the other driver’s. And if you’ve never had to deal with an insurance company before, you may be in for a rude awakening. Insurance companies are notoriously difficult to deal with, and they will do everything they can to minimize the amount of money they have to pay out. So if you’ve been in an accident in California, it’s important to know the following tips on how to deal with them as well as to have an experienced auto accident attorney on your side to help you navigate the insurance maze and get the compensation you deserve.

Be Extremely Cautious While Signing Any Documents.

It is very likely that your insurance provider will require you to provide a statement or sign paperwork related to the events after an accident. Any document you are requested to sign should be handled with caution and suspicion. These papers frequently limit or restrict your legal rights, which may prohibit you from pursuing the full value of your claim. Before you sign any documents or settlement proposals, ALWAYS have legal counsel evaluate them.

Record the Damages

If you are not hurt and it is safe to do so, take multiple pictures of any damage to your automobile, the other vehicles involved, and any damaged property as soon as possible. If at all feasible, take pictures of anyone’s injuries sustained in the collision. When it comes to handling insurance claims, there can never be too many images. The goal of these insurance companies is to give you the smallest payout possible.

How to Talk to Your Own Insurance Company

In many instances, you will need to notify your own insurance provider of the car collision. Additionally, most policies mandate that you file an accident report within a specific window of time following the incident.

Even if your own insurance company will be on your side rather than the insurance of the other driver, you should exercise caution. Avoid giving any more information than is strictly necessary. A vehicle accident lawyer can assist you if you are unclear about how to approach this discussion.

Speak with a California Auto Accident Attorney

A lot of people think they can manage their own vehicle accident claim, especially if it’s their own insurance provider or they weren’t seriously hurt. The insurance company’s financial interests are represented by insurance adjusters, who work to deny as many claims as they can. A modest settlement offer could be made for cases that call for payment from the insurance provider. The insurance representative does not represent the victim’s interests, even while negotiating with their own insurance provider. Instead of considering the unique circumstances of the case, insurance firms may just use a formula to determine culpability and whether to offer a settlement.

When Should I Contact Legal Counsel After a Car Accident?

Right away. That is particularly true if the accident resulted in injuries to you or a loved one. Although the California statute of limitations is typically two years, it may occasionally be shorter.

Insurance Companies Offer the Lowest Settlement Amount

Giving people protection in the case of an accident or injury is how insurance companies make money. That being said, the fact that insurance companies must pay out on accident claims really affects their ability to make money. If you’ve been in a car accident, you may count on your insurance company or the insurance company of negligent driver to make every effort to minimize costs. This is frequently accomplished by making an offer of settlement that is below the full amount of your claim, delaying the investigation into your claim, denying you coverage, or, in some cases, using coercion to force you to accept a settlement that only covers physical damage or engaging in bad faith insurance practices.

Auto Accident Attorney

Insurance Companies Can Be Handled By Us.

California auto accident attorney Belal Hamideh is empathetic and skilled. His concern for his clients and their families is sincere. You have nothing to lose by getting in touch with a car accident attorney who can assist if you’ve been hurt in one.

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